A Search in Secret India is the story of Paul Brunton’s journey around India, living among yogis, mystics, and gurus, some of whom he found convincing, others. Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October – 27 July ), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India. 6 Mar A Search in Secret India is the story of Paul Brunton’s journey around India, living among yogis, mystics and gurus, some of whom he found.

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It is of the body, and therefore temporary. Brunton was a proponent of a doctrine of “Mentalism”, or Oriental Mentalism to distinguish it from subjective idealism of the western tradition. I was born in an interior province, but brought up in Cairo.

A Search In Secret India: The classic work on seeking a guru by Paul Brunton

Without that strict, scientific attitude I might have been led away into the undia of superstition, as so many Indians seem to have been led away. There is another vy of silence. This faith was restored in the only way a sceptic could have it restored, not by argument, but by the witness of an overwhelming experience.

I spent much of my spare time in the study of recondite books and in little- known bypaths of psychological experiment. Pauul page was last edited on 26 Septemberat Then I resigned, because I wanted to leave Egypt and travel to certain countries – and, incidentally, to acquire a fortune! This dual experience proved of great value.


Paul Brunton’s account of his search for genuine spirituality in s India was a delightful discovery for me. The author has shared his invaluable and spellbounding dialogues with Maharishis and Yogi’s. The soul of the country is deathless and great, even if outwardly the nation has lost its power.

A Search In Secret India: The classic work on seeking a guru

Thus he avoids any possible accusation of being close enough to read my writing. The latter, I feel rather than think, is the primeval stuff out of which worlds are created, the first state of matter. Let it suffice that I find myself in a great room, which might be part of some Asiatic palace for aught I know, so exotically is it furnished and so colourful are its gorgeous decorations. Return to Book Page.

Paul Brunton

Remote from the haunts of men, deep in the jungles to which – or to the Himalayas – the holiest men in India always return, Mr. Esarch know I will read this book again. I shall travel widely throughout the world and the nations will be eager to see me.

I wish there had been a medium step to bridge the gap. I could not help overhearing you, while the subject you dis- cussed is of great interest to me. No fees were charged for tuition, while even board and lodging were free. On each occasion I listened eagerly; my ears drank in every word of the talk around me ; my eyes watched with keen fascination the strange experiments which were so often made.


Meher Baba’s father is a Persian 1 who is an adherent of the Zoroastrian creed, and who emigrated to India as a poor youth. I have experienced Arunachala before reading this book and so I bruntin inclined to read this. They later were typed rbunton classified by subject. I recommend this book for those interested in development of the mind and body. I look up at him and notice a smile hovering around his lips.

The man was possessed of an enthusiastic temperament and having rapidly travelled through all the cults which honeycomb London, ihdia was ready for what seemed to be the loftier message of Meher Baba. But how did he even know of me? Ambition and desire lure a man into responsibilities from which it is not easy to extricate himself.

If I am ready at the time, could we not travel together? Therefore I omit the tale of time wasted upon them. I permitted it to remain undisturbed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. brunron

It would not be easy for a stranger to discover what England holds most sacred. The manner in which the Yogis kept their knowledge so sceret may appear selfish to us in these democratic days, but it helps to account for their gradual disappearance from visible history.