The latest Tweets from Alexander Mosolov (@amosolov). Developer of upcoming indie sandbox rpg Starsector. Find Alexander Mosolov biography and history on AllMusic – Alexander Mosolov is considered the prime. Alexander Vasilievich Mosolov (29 July , Kiev — 11 July , Moscow) was a significant Ukrainian avant-garde composer of the early Soviet era.

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Radio 3 in Concert. Zavod Iron Foundry Composer. In Prokofiev, who was then living alexandet the West, returned for a concert tour of the Soviet Union.

Alexander Mosolov – The Iron Foundry (), 19 – Music Sales Classical

He received no answer, and his career continued to go downhill. His Second Piano Concerto combines these folk elements with a mild remainder of earlier stylistic gestures. Died 11 July The dramatic intensity of Zavod has kept it in use as cinematic stock library music long after it was forgotten as a concert work. Futurism and noise music. Schnittke, Rachmaninov, Shchedrin” to My Music. With the piano pieces Turkmenistan Nights Mosolov began to work more extensively with ethnic folk forms.

The Iron Foundry Zavod Op Later conflicts with Soviet authorities led to his expulsion from the Composers’ Union in and imprisonment in the Gulag in Many other pieces composed in this period were lost when a suitcase full of his scores was stolen.

After the onset of socialist realism as the official aesthetic of the Soviet Union inMosolov traveled to Central Asia, where he researched and collected samples of TurkmenTajikArmenianand Kyrgyz songs. This entry is from Wikipediathe user-contributed encyclopedia. Mosolov’s father, Vasiliy Alexandrovich, died a year later when Mosolov was five years old.

Afterward, Mosolov continued to compose, albeit largely in the idiom approved by the Soviet State.


Nizhny Novgorod Chamber Chorus. Mosolov’s most famous composition, Iron Foundrywas originally the final movement of a ballet suite titled, Steel.

List of compositions by Alexander Mosolov

Alexander Mosolov – If you find the biography content factually incorrect or highly offensive you can edit this article at Wikipedia. In Four Newspaper AdvertisementsMosolov set four brief announcements in the newspaper Izvestiya to music.

A treasure island of piano music — Spiegel Online. Jazz Latin New Age. Quoted in Slonimsky”Soviet Music and Musicians”, p. His later music conformed to moxolov Soviet aesthetic to a much greater degree, but he never regained the success of his early career.

Alexander Mosolov – Concerts, Biography & News – BBC Music

A Tractor column arrives at the village [] Composer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Through this, he personally delivered mail to Vladimir Lenin three times, which had a profound impact on the young Mosolov.

Later conflicts with Soviet authorities led to his expulsion from the Composers’ Union in and imprisonment in the Gulag in He was born in Kiev in but brought up in Moscow in a cultured middle-class artistic family: Following an early release, which had been argued for by his Conservatory teachers, Mosolov turned his attention to setting Turkmen and Kyrgyz folk tunes for orchestra.

Cello Concerto in E minor, Op 85 Composer. Alexander Vasilyevich Mosolov [n 1] Russian: Fortunately, as Mosolov’s value as a composer is better understood, once suppressed manuscripts of his work are coming to light. Mosolov volunteered in the Red Army during the October Revolution, and in was discharged due to injuries. Also Known As Alexander Mossolov. Folk music also saw use by Mosolov.

The Iron Foundry Op19 Composer.

Alexander Vasilyevich Mosolov was born in Kiev inbut moved with his family to Moscow three years later. Instead of tone rows, Mosolov uses thickly-clustered, heavily chromatic chords to make his point. The Iron Foundry Composer. He consequently simplified his style, making it more readily accessible, and aelxander abandoned potentially awkward proletarian subject matter.


List of compositions by Alexander Mosolov.

The alxeander of the four short pieces range from a lost dog to the announcement of a name change. Mosolov’s work list shows that he was one of the most prolific composers of the twentieth century, but the vast majority of his works are believed lost or otherwise unaccounted for.

Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra.

He made several further journeys to the Asiatic Republics of the USSR collecting folk music and making use of it in an approved, safe style and on subjects that could not be criticised.

Died July 12, in Moscow, Russia. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors and is licensed under an Modolov Creative Commons License. On July 15,Mosolov’s sentence was commuted to a five-year exile—he could not live in Moscow, Leningradmosoolv Kiev until Views Read Edit View history.

Alexander Mosolov

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use alexande site fully. On February 4,Mosolov was expelled from the Composers’ Union for treating waiters poorly and taking part in a drunken brawl in Press House, a local restaurant. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat When he was five, his father died, but his widowed mother, a professional singer who worked at the Bolshoi Theatre untilwas left comfortably well off.

Zavod — Iron Foundry.