All about Balta drobulė: romanas by Antanas Skema. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. By his death, Antanas Škėma also vindicated his belief that the absurd and a slave is Antanas Garšva in the novel The White Shroud (Balta drobulė, ). Editions for Balta drobulė: (published in ), (Mass Market Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Hardcover publish.

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Information from the Estonian Common Knowledge. Water has the same quality, and so does fire, so does earth itself. And so, he jumps:.

Balta drobulė: romanas by Antanas Skema | LibraryThing

Martynukas is a poet because he takes words literally, because he assumes that everyone else understands them the same way, and because in his consciousness there is no dividing line between miracle and reality. If we were drobulle to assume that Judas represents the principle of death, and Christ of love, we can see how, in a final paradox, their roles in the fate of mankind blend into one: The fairy tales were sad, the mother’s hair was black; she was beautiful and she wore clothes of black satin.

The inner action, however, consists of a giant leap by Martynukas into the arms of God. Lord, Lord, into Your hands It is too late to jump out. The terrible question that this priest must face in his hour of death is this: A man is an exile because his spark of divinity anatnas him from the earth — his mother. The double Louis E.

In addition, he was lecturing, writing and printing articles about theater and literature in several publications. His mother, after all, had but two alternatives: First of all, a poet is in a way a distortion of the laws of nature: A curious facet of Skema’s art reveals itself in the handling of his characters. Words were nothing but magic formulas. He does not remember, but the reader does, Jesus Christ hanging on the cross.


Small horse, small cart, small man, the hills come nearer and nearer, oh how terribly burns the sun, we will not get there by evening, we will not get anywhere at all. The scene is Lithuania inin the last few days of the first Soviet occupation, just before the German attack.

Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. During World War I he lived in Russia with his parents. Retrieved from ” https: Having set up the inhuman torture for Kazys and Elena, he cannot bear their suffering and shoots Kazys on a sudden impulse of pity without having learned his secrets.

Antanas Škėma : Balta drobulė | About text |

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. One such traitor is Kostas, a bitter and complex figure. Add to Your books.

The whole world is ruled by logical inevitabilities which, in their dead clarity, are entirely incomprehensible to the living imagination. In The AwakeningKazys, a Lithuanian rebel against the Soviet rule, put to terrible and revolting torture, also cries that he wants to be human, but in the middle of his cry: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The sap of pine trees — golden amber.

Antanas Škėma – Balta drobulė – 2007

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Antanas, through his love and trust, achieves his fulfillment, which is death. He who does not believe in happiness is a pessimist. The third defeat of the poet is due to the fact that he always sacrifices too much to poetry. For all of one’s life. Both powers are equally immovable.


Victor Hugo wrote his prayer at a time when people believed in impressive turns of phrase, in beautiful, dramatic gestures which, they knew, would not bring the pillars of the world crashing down about their ears. And he clambers up, holding on to his father’s thinning hair, puts one foot on his father’s shoulder, and the military commissar Vasilevsky pulls out his pistol and squeezes the trigger four times.

Balta drobulė: romanas

Being a poet, he keeps his glance directed to the earth. Views Read Edit View history. Thus, in a way, his being a poet is also his own skemw Incomprehensible and significant, like the formation of fog. Then comes the darkness because fire licks out the eyes and the people can no longer see jacinth and amethyst. Life itself, as if in cruel and ironic pity, makes Inga literally unreachable for him — she dies in a train wreck.

In he entered the theater studio directed by V. It does seem to represent a recognizable picture even on the surface, but its real meaning lies in the symbolic relationship of one piece of mosaic to another.

We bzlta murder God in many ways in antanaa hearts, but it is Skaidra who actually performs the deed.