18 Feb Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration: From Novice to If you are an IT professional who has been thrust into an Oracle database. Beginning Oracle Database 11G Administration:From Novice To Professional. Front Cover. Iggy Fernandez. Dreamtech Press, Mar 6, – pages. Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration: From Novice to Professional. Front Cover. Ignatius Fernandez. Apress, Feb 18, – Computers – pages.

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Definition of a Relational Database Relational database technology swept aside the older technologies precisely because it proved flexible enough to answer all kinds of questions; not just a small set of questions.

Listing shows three alternative formulations—the first formulation uses correlated subqueries, while the next two formulations use aggregate functions. Provides a significant subset of Orracle Database functionality—comparable to that beginning oracle database 11g administration from novice to professional Standard Edition, described next—as a free starter edition. These settings include enabling auditing of sensitive operations—such as creating and dropping users—and certain security settings such as locking accounts if the number of failed login attempts exceeds a threshold.

A few of them are lousy, most of them are pretty good, administragion several are excellent.

Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration

But they are easily accomplished with a relational database, as we shall soon see. Other techniques include partitioning and clusters—more information is provided in Chapter 7. Figure is an example of a railroad diagram for a hypothetical NKS command. Listing shows an example of SQL statements embedded in a Java program. You can ask a system administratoin in your organization for this information.

The centerpiece is the?

Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration: From Novice to Professional by Iggy Fernandez

We will discuss the use of Statspack in Chapter Richard Dal Porto Copy Editors: In this screen, you can enable these automatic tasks; this is the recommended practice. We also discard any supplier who does not supply at least one part that is supplied by the specified supplier. These archived redo log files will be required if a data file is damaged and needs repair.

You should use a tablespace only for the purpose indicated by its name—for example, the OUOPAI tablespace is intended to store only the data dictionary tables containing information about the rest of the database. Automatic Maintenance Tasks Figure shows the screen for Step Armed only with a walking nivice, he would have to beginning oracle database 11g administration from novice to professional on strong lungs to wake up the neighborhood if he saw any burglars, so perhaps it was best to advertise his presence and hope that burglars would flee when they heard him coming.


The Oracle Database 7. If a block is not found in the cache, query processing has to be delayed until the foreground process retrieves the block from the storage disks. Instead of the entire L]np table, we have to consider only two parts, proressional shown in Listing We see that hammers are supplied by three different suppliers and that New Yankee Workshop, Inc.

Competency in Beginning oracle database 11g administration from novice to professional technology is only half of the challenge of being a database administrator.

It also presents the most important tools provided by Oracle to help with performance tuning; Statspack is emphasized because newer tools such as AWR and ADDM require costly licenses administratiion are not available at most sites. Database Identification Choose a database name and instance name and click Next to go to Step 4: Each server thus hosts a primary database as well as a standby database.

The log writer wakes beginning oracle database 11g administration from novice to professional periodically and copies any accumulated undo and redo entries to the redo log file.

Basic Database Administration Tasks The most basic database beginning oracle database 11g administration from novice to professional tasks are stopping and starting Oracle database components—the listener, the instance, and Database Control—and changing initialization parameters; these are demonstrated in Listing The opening screen of Database Control is illustrated in Figure Data files can grow automatically as required but, for reasons associated with manageability, it is recommended that you limit how big they can grow.

Operations Figure shows the screen for Step 1: The query execution plan is saved in the plan cache in the shared SQL area so that it can be reused later by the same user or another user.

Of course, creating and configuring a database necessarily requires that we create and configure an instance to handle the work. For extra horsepower and reliability, the production database will be handled by two servers clustered together using Oracle Real Application Clusters RAC technology.


This kind of subquery is called a scalar subquery. Such a query is called a cartesian product. No eBook available Amazon.

Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration: From Novice to Professional

Saving your work as a template oacle a record of your work; it also allows you to create other databases using the same settings. Many Oracle experts have devoted their entire careers to the study of SQL, and I have hardly been able to scratch the surface in this chapter.

From Novice to Professional. A reasonable thumb rule is to allow as much room for indexes as you allow for tables. However, there are beginning oracle database 11g administration from novice to professional number of features that are not included even with Enterprise Edition and cost even more, the most significant being RAC and partitioning a management and performance feature needed when dealing with the largest data tables.

We might also say that databases can be critical to the ability of the organization to function properly. Either way, the code files will help you with updates and debugging.

OUI displays a summary screen.

Backups are to a database what fire stations and fire fighters are to a city; we nvice protect the database against damage the best we can, but we must be prepared if the database ever gets damaged, through user or operator error or hardware failure, and needs to be repaired.

Raid beginning oracle database 11g administration from novice to professional is the best choice for databases. Railroad diagram for the OAHA? A number of data fo are automatically created by DBCA; you can let DBCA decide their names and locations or you can specify a name and location for each data file yourself.