4 Nov Ch 32 (a Vol). 1. TRANSFORMER! ➣➣➣➣➣ Working Principle of Transformer ➣➣➣➣➣ Transformer Construction. 26 Nov Induction Motor (a Vol. – 2). 1. Electrical Technology Induction Motors Three phase and single phase; 2. Induction Motor: General. B.L. Theraja is the author of A Text Book of Electrical Technology ( avg rating , ratings, 89 reviews, published ), Basic Electronics ( a.

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Line supports consist of i pole structures and ii tower.

Electrical Technology by B.L. Thareja (2nd hand)

Sign in via social Sign up with Facebook. As seen, the potential bl thareja and current have their maximum values at feeding points F 1 and F 2. It may, however, be mentioned here that these days all production of power is as a. I agree that all my personal data shall be treated for Profiling Purposes as indicated in Paragraph E of Information Notice. It follows from this that the total voltage drop is the same as that produced by a single load equal to the sum of the various concentrated loads, acting at the centre of gravity of bl thareja load system.

A m long distributor is bl thareja from both ends A and B at the same voltage of V. Distance from P metres: Hence, drop at bl thareja middle point is. Consider the case of a 2- wire feeder Fig. The bare copper or aluminium wire bl thareja fixed to an insulator which is bl thareja fixed onto a cross-arm on the pole.


Consider a distributor PQ of length l units of length, having resistance per unit length of r ohms and with loading per unit length of i amperes. The concentrated loads of 50, 40, 30 and 25 A are coming on the distributor at distances of 50, 75, and m respectively from end A. Find which point will have the minimum potential and what bl thareja be the drop at this point?

The distributor along with its tapped currents is shown in Fig. From the bus-bars, the power is carried by many feeders which radiate to various parts of a city or locality. Sign up with Google. Calculate bl thareja currents in the various sections of the distributor, the minimum voltage and the point at which it occurs.

Poles which are made of wood, reinforced concrete or steel are used up to 66 kV whereas steel towers are used for higher voltages.

For calculating the total voltage drop along the entire length bl thareja a distribu- tor, following information is necessary. We can thus imagine as if bl thareja distribu- tor were tahreja into two at the middle point, giving us two uniformly-loaded distributors each fed at one end with equal voltages.

electrical book bl thareja, Guides for Electronics. Bharath University

First, consider drop due to bl thareja load only. The standard voltage between the conductors is V. If the maximum permissible voltage drop is not to exceed 10 V, find the cross-sectional area of the distributor.


Now, the total drop over PQ should equal the potential difference between ends P and Q i. If even this does not goes thsreja it should, we need to start praying! Let the current distribution be bl thareja shown. The other currents in the various sections of the distributor are as bl thareja in the figure. Hence, their different sections carry different currents over different lengths.

Nowadays, we use solid-state devices, called rectifiers, to convert standard AC. Motors requiring higher voltage are connected across the outers whereas bl thareja thareia heating circuits requiring less voltage are connected between any one of bl thareja outers and the neutral.

The drop can be calculated by locating point A and then values of x and y can be calculated.

As explained in Art. Then, assuming i to be the input current at A, the thaareja currents in various sections are as shown. Find the current supplied at A and at B. Find bl thareja the current supplied at P and Q and b the power dissipated in the distributor.

At point distance from A bl thareja metres concentrated load in A C 40 30 D 40 E F 50 If the maximum bl thareja voltage tharjea is not to exceed 10 V, find the cross-sectional area of the distributor.