Las huellas imborrables has ratings and reviews. LENA said: Amazing book! Another favourite from Camilla Lackberg! I just cannot get enoug.. . Las huellas imborrables has ratings and reviews. Alex said: I’m not really sure why I’m still reading these, but I guess they’re predictably. Las huellas imborrables (EMBOLSILLO) | Camilla Läckberg, Carmen Montes Cano | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand .

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I saw a lot of buzz late last year about her novels and decided to try. Mar 15, Montse rated it liked it.

And Erika found it strange, als upstairs, trying to work while her husband and daughter were downstairs. One or two of those characters had absolutely nothing to do with moving lcakberg plot line along so it felt there was ls reason for them having this page time.

Excellent and it kept me intrigued. I realized that I’ve read another one of her books; I recognized the characters. The crimes are intriguing and original and the characters are so realistic that you get sucked into the minutiae of their lives. I’m so conflicted on my emotions toward this book.

Thrillerreeks – Patrik Hedstrom 5 51 30 Mar 17, The best and strongest in the series for the subject matter and the complex yet fascinating story.

Once I got everyone sorted out, I started enjoying imboreables book more. The book devoted large sections to irrelevant plot lines such as hers and her sisters “marital” problems lavkberg predictable outcomes but which had no relevance to the actual murder plot line. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is why I like stand-alone books since series seem to go into this domestic subject. Veel langer dan bij de voorgaande delen. This one connects an incident in World War II with a current murder and a mysterious trunk found in the attic.

The main character is supposedly on paternity leave looking after his one year old daughter and he clearly doesn’t have a clue.


Las huellas imborrables (Patrik Hedström, #5) by Camilla Läckberg (2 star ratings)

January – Book Sleuths Book Club. One of the neo-Nazis of the story says that “It’s human nature hueplas people not to see the consequences of their actions, not to learn from history.

On the other hand, the crime he and his team naturally solve reveals the seedy underbelly of small town life where sterling citizens are more tarnished than not.

I could never figure out how Erica’s huellws could have been a teenager at the end of World War II and still have been young enough to have been Erica and her younger sister’s mother when they were born.

You married him knowing what the work is he does? These books are feminist-y with a patriarchal twist, and that’s always been SUPER weird and conflicting to me I feel this way about most Scandinavian crime fiction thoughbut that hueolas definitely not stop me from reading the next one.

Another favourite from Camilla Lackberg! El verano llega a su fin y la escritora Erica Falck vuelve al trabajo tras la baja alckberg maternidad.

I mean, it didn’t even cross their minds that it could’ve had something to do with themselves, let alone another baby So I was super excited for this one but it fell lass.

I find it irritating when characters discover key pieces of information, but the author doesn’t share it until several chapters later. Ondanks dat dit boek me iets tegenviel, ben ik toch wel benieuwd naar het volgende deel.

Las huellas imborrables

But there was a particular scene, outside of that realm, that was vile. I was disappointed by this addition to the Patrik Hedstrom series for a few reasons.

Daarom heb ik het boek drie sterren gegeven. I enjoyed this book so much that I was actually very depressed when it came to an end, but I’m planning to read it again and again because it has been a wonderful journey that I will never be tired of going through.

This is my first time reading a Camilla Lackberg novel. In fact, it made me dislike her even more. McBain’s series is based on the work of the police detectives of the 87th Precinct in Isola, which represents Manhattan. Camilla Lackberg is one of a rising group of writers who hail from the frozen tundra of Norway and Sweden and are taking on the world and filling up the chasm left empty by the loss of the author of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.


This is the crux for the mysteries. When reading a mystery, I expect the author to recap towards the end when it’s close to being solved. But this one had more to do with Erika’s mother, her background and why she was the way she was with her daughters. So please keep in mind this book doesn’t fall within the limits of my normal reading wish list.

I read many about ww two. Um, excuse me, you didn’t overreact; you had a totally normal reaction of a person who is entitled to do work like a human without your husband who is supposed to be the main caretaker at this point suddenly giving you the kid.

In addition to the characters in the small city’s police force, Erica encounters a journalist who isn’t all that different from Larsson’s Mikael Blomkvist and his “Millennium” magazine. I love the straight forward style and all that coffee! The book moves back and forth between present day and the second world war.

I am quite at home with some Scandinavian thrillers but I found that the story in Hidden Child is buried at the expense of character subplot. The buildup to solving the case and fitting the puzzle pieces was truly sensational. To view it, click here. This is why I’m not a ls.

The mysteries in the book multiply when a woman with Alzheimer’s disease is killed and Elsy’s friends are curiously reluctant to talk about Elsy with her daughter, Erica.