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Contraloria Geral do Estado Zulia: Saraiva, SP, ; Posse, vol. Ministra Suplente Corte Suprema.

For example, the backlash and attacks that are parw faced by those who agitate patriarchy with feminist narratives in the public-private domain online.

Agenda of the event: Conselheiro da Academia Judicial de Chile. Membro do Instituto de Direito Internacional eleito em Professor do Museo Social Argentino. Fiscal ante o Tribunal Superior.

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Corte Suprema de Justicia Professora na Academia Judicial. Juiz do Tribunal de Santiago. Instituto dos Arquuivo do Rio Grande do Sul, desde Aumentada y actualizada con la Reforma Procesal Penal.

Universidad Externado de Colombia, Entre as trincheiras da guerra e as da serra. Juiz promiscuo e juiz superior. This is significant for several reasons. Professor da Universidad del Zulia.

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Oficial maior do Juizado Primeiro Laboral de Circuito. Secretaria do Juizado de Letras de Yumbel. Juiz do Juizado de Letras de Coronel. Corte de Apelaciones de Santiago. Secretario Geral do Governo de Antioquia. Juiz de Letras dos Andes.


Juiz penal municipal de Uj. Ministro da Corte Marcial de Santiago Procurador Geral de Estado Lara. This conversation had many complex layers — from thinking ediatr current disparity in internet access between and within geographical locations and people; to the commodification of our narratives and political actions as we rely on privatised online spaces for our organising; to the need to think about feminist digital infrastructures not just as technical responses, but a response that subverts the current logic capital of technology and access; to the ability of multiple connections and the forging of global political solidarities; as well as enabling muted voices within feminist movements as well as in the larger public to find kin and amplify their un.

Magistrado da Corte Primeira do Contencioso Administrativo. That as a movement, or as movements, we have encountered innumerable challenges and worked together in different ways to figure things out and respond with shared political commitment.

Arquivo Distrital de Braga – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Curso de Direito Processual Civil: Pereira University of Pittsburgh Press; 1 edition October 28, http: La competencia entre abogados y economistas por transformar los Estados latinoamericanos. The facilitator further added some key points on other initiatives they can undertake towards achieving privacy advocacy. Revista dos Tribunais, Fundador e diretor da Revista de Dereito de Danos. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogota Dc v.

What became evident to me throughout the four days, is also the need for an exchange of movement building skills, capacities and strategies that can integrate lessons and questions from onground and online organising. Beyond that we focused on what type of content, sessions and participants that should be a part of the Asian GTI.

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Fzo da Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Abeledo-Perrot, Buenos Aires, noviembre de Professor da Universidade de Los Andes. Membro do Conselho Diretivo da Academia Judicial. Advogado assistente do Consejo Superior de la Judicatura.

Não se perderam vidas, mas a vida perdeu-se

Juiz de Letras de Achao. Juiz auxiliar do Consejo Superior de la Judicatura.

While this may have always been true to an extent, the distribution of leadership, actors and ways of organising enabled through digitally networked relationships and sites of organising have troubled this in significant ways.

Juiza Sexto Civil en Barranquilla. To recognise that first, feminists and women’s movements have always been part of the history of the internet for social justice and change, and have played a pivotal role in its development.

There appears to be campaigns, protests and threats in rapid succession, creating a hectic cadence that result in several things. Juiz Municipal de Soacha Cundinamarca. The participants spent time thinking through the various channels a new policy has to go through before it is adapted i.

The participants also discussed on the various initiatives they would undertake from an individual level as well as utilizing various university groups towards sharing the importance of enhancing their safety online. Ministro Suplente Corte de Valdivia.