Lowenfeld, Viktor. Creative And Mental Growth [by] Viktor Lowenfeld and W. Lambert Brittain. New York: London:Macmillan Publishing Co. Collier Macmillan . Title, Creative and mental growth. Authors, Viktor Lowenfeld, W. Lambert Brittain. Edition, 5, illustrated. Publisher, Macmillan, Original from, University of. Creative and Mental Growth. Front Cover. Viktor Lowenfeld, William Lambert Brittain. Macmillan Publishing Company, – Art – pages.

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Since the child’s desires for, and needs of, expression change with his development and growth, it becomes evident that he will identify with diflferent art media during creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld developmental stages. Beittel, Mayo Brice, F. The simultaneous use of many different kinds of materials that fit the child’s needs is crearive advantage because it exposes the child to the variety of procedures and makes him sensitive to various possibilities.

Allen Barkkume rated it liked it Nov 28, His relationship to a dog may be one of love, friendship. How- ever, the child’s creative expression during specific stages in his mental and emotional growth can only be understood and appreciated if the general causal interdependence between creation and growth is under- stood.

Per onality differences and different reactions toward experiences, then, count for the enormous variety in kind and intensity of self-identification. All these experiences will either remain undeveloped, disregarded, or as separate viktorr in a creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld literal interpretation of a subject matter.

Mary may be peacefully playing with her doll when you suddenly interrupt her and tell her that her time is over and that she has to go to bed. Nick Creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Yet integration might occur even in such a situation.

I have appreciated the notes, tape recordings of recent lectures, and suggestions from those who were close to Dr.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Important Principle of Extending the Frame of Reference In order to understand the effect of the creative process on the child, creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld how the various components of growth are part and parcel of it, let us actually try to find out what goes on in a child’s mind while he is busy creating a picture.

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The child’s ability to discriminate between “right” and “wrong,” lowfnfeld materials that help him in his urge for expression and those that inhibit him is not developed, menfal in early childhood.

Viktor Lowenfeld

Amara rated it it was amazing Sep 21, He independently created his own forms and concepts. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For instance, if a scribbling child, whose control of body movements is not developed to the extent that he can correlate them with his visual experiences, is forced to represent a definite object, he not creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld will be unable to perform a task that depends upon ability browth achieve such corre- lation but he may also lose confidence in his own means of creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld scribbling.

Galih Rosadi rated it it was amazing Dec 17, To really know a rabbit a child must actually touch him, feel his fur, watch his nose twitch, feed him and learn his habits see Figure 2.

Creative and Mental Growth by Viktor Lowenfeld

Even in simple experiences like rowing a boat the child can identify purely with the motion he feels in the boat, the subjective kinesthetic sensa- tion, or he may become visually bound up with creeative spectacle of the environment. Figures 21, 22, and 23; Indiana State College, Penn.

It is impossible to live cooperatively and understand the fiktor of our neigh- bors without self-identification. Lambert Brittain In this new, extensively revised edi- tion of a book that has been acclaimed a “must” for art educators, there creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld material that will interest everyone, professionals and laymen alike.

In any class we will find children who are undernourished or creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld healthy than normal. It is the interaction between the symbols, the self, and the environment Figure 2. In putting himself into the place of Dad in his picture, Johnny has just experienced this vital need.


Thus, his emotional relationship will be an important part in his creative process. It embraces the understanding of social, intellectual, emotional, ane psychological changes with the creative needs of the child.

Therefore, any technical accident, such as unintentional menta or running of color, that destroys or changes his concept will interfere with his desire for expression. These existing contradictions must seriously affect our emotional being.

Full text of “Creative and mental growth”

His dynamic contribution to the field of art education cannot be measured in terms of his numerous articles, his re- search, or his many books, or even the exciting and stimulating lectures he delivered all over the country; rather it can be measured more readily in the people who have been more personally affected by close association with a spirit that continues to live creative and mental growth viktor lowenfeld each of them.

From its profusely illustrated pages springs a wealth of information on the growth and development of the creative process in the child, from his first uncontrolled scribbles to his high school paintings. Without it, the teacher will never reach the child with his motivations see Figure 6.

We, too, can only recall things to the extent to which either our knowledge or our individual lowenffld relationships permit us.

Some children cannot think of “something” because they either lack sensitive relationships to meaningful experiences or their minds are blocked and go around in circles. Self -adjustment Any work that is forced upon a person creates tension and dissatisfac- tion.