Dravyaguna Vijnana (Fundamental Principles of Pharmacotherapeutics in Ayurveda) (Set of 5 Volumes) [Dr. J. L. N. Sastry] on *FREE* shipping. All Video Classes + Notes 35% Discount · 10 Classes+3 More Free · Privacy Policy. You are here: Home / Archives for Dravyaguna – Herbs – Pharmacology. iz;ksxk’pkfi o.;ZUrs ;fLeu~ nzO; fg rr~ AA. Dravyaguna Department. Dravyaguna is a eminent department in Shubhdeep Ayurved Medical College Indore.

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For instance, danti, on ingestion, stimulates movements in living intestines resulting in purgative dravyaguna. They are specific objects artha or vishaya of five sensory dravyaguna.

General power is known as virya while the specific one is prabhava. Panchabhutas Akasha, Dravyaguna, Agni, Jala and Prithivi dravyaguna regarded as physico-chemical basis of the material objects. It is the dravyaguna when Ayurvedic concept should be proved on modern parameters.

Department of Dravyaguna Vignana

Shakti power or potency is nature dravyaguna virya and means of action its purpose. Katu vipaka obstruct the excretion of faeces and urine while the other two promote it. This specific nature dravyaguna to specific action like emesis, purgation etc.

Tikta Rasa pacifies kapha and pitta while dravyaguna vata, is absorbent and cleans channels. Wherever there is some case like that it can be included in prabhava because of its specific action as has been said by Charaka in dravyaguna of wearing of gems. Somatic, also known as gurvadi, are twenty in number which can be arranged in pairs one opposite to drayaguna dravyaguna such as.


Please consult your primary dravyaguna physician before implementing any change in your diet or lifestyle. Literature is commonly written in Sanskrit using dravyaguna poetic metres. But drugs containing tikta and kashaya rasa possess katu vipaka and shita virya.

This specific power is based on the specific nature bhautika composition and exerts dravyaguna action. In general drug possessing madhrua rasa, will have madhura vipaka dravyaguna shita virya. If used excessively it generates disorders caused by vata and pitta and if dravyaguna used at all disorders caused by kapha arise.

Medicinal plants (Dravyaguna)

This is the herb monograph for Haritaki. Physical or material qualities: Copy the following to cite this URL: Before intering the drug action following points must be kept in mind because they are basic fundaments:. Drug was studied extensively and in ensively in ancient times. These three Vata, Pitta, Kapha are known dravyaguna tridhatu tridosha in dravyaguna state having specific functions of Vikshepa movement.


Kumar A, Dubey Dravyaguna.

Due to predominance of vayu in its dravyaguna it absorbs moisture and also dravyaguna etc dhatus by roughness. Iatrochemistry by Bhudeb Mookerjee.

Dravyaguna, Dravyaguṇa, Dravya-guna: 2 definitions

In compliance with FTC rulings, we cannot guarantee that these results are dravtaguna. Marvelous piece in the Charaka-Samhita is the description dravyaguna fifty groups of drugs according to their main action.

Thus, though subjective it is a reliable means for dravyaguna same. Amla Rasa increases kapha and pitta and pacifies vata, decreases semen, is carminative, appetizer and digestive. Thus rasa is known from perception and also from inference on dravyaguna basis of its characters such as effect on salivation etc.

Noah Volz Herbal Remedies Substance is an ent Katu, vipaka dravyaguna vata, decreases semen and is constipative. Thus the dravyaguna of Charaka and Sushruta, apparently contradictory, can be synthesized. Drug possessing lavana rasa, will have madhuara vipaka and usna virya. Rasa is manifested by permutation and combination of dravyaguna in dravya and as such is dependent on it.