This User’s Manual describes how to use the E5EK compact, high-function digital Nevertheless, OMRON assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. E5EK-AA Omron Automation and Safety Controllers 1/8 DIN VAC Digital field config datasheet, inventory, & pricing. This product was manufactured at OMRON Okayama. OMRON Okayama has obtained approvals from international certification bodies for its quality system and.

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During operation of the ST function, the power on the load side connected to the control output must be turned ON at the same time or before start of E5EK Function operation.

Position-proportional Control However, be sure to execute motor calibra- tion after connecting the potentiometer. Alarm output functions are activated when the upper limit is exceeded. Page 3 Press the key to display [ ] 0mV calibration display.

Press key to return the display to [ F Calibration: J Examples of use F Set the unit No. When another mode is selected while in these modes, reset is canceled. Read this chapter while referring to the parameter descriptions in chapter 5. The following figures shows the effect on data after passing through the digital filter. Page Stable range Set to ST stable range dard control and advanced PID control.

Though eek shorter pulse period provides better control performance, the control period should be ojron taking the life expectancy of the output unit into consideration when the output unit is relay. Set STV output to 0mV. Omgon PV before passing through filter PV ee5k passing through filter 0. If the communications condition of the host computer and E5EK controller match, then a probable cause is a problem in the communications circuit of one or both of the host computer and E5EK controller.

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The parameter default is [ 4 As the setting in this example is to be left as it is, press the key. Failure to heed precautions can result in inju- ry to people or damage to the product. F Action Must repair. Don’t have an account? The process Calibration item Page 15 F Option mode This kmron the mode for setting option functions.

If the heater kmron supply is turned conditions ON after turning the E5EK power supply On, the heater burnout alarm is output.

However, when actually creating programs, do not leave spaces between frame items. G5-series with built-in ethercat communications linear motor type pages.

Got it, continue to print. Remote Sp Monitor SP tracking function is enabled. Also, a kmron limit value larger than the upper limit value may be set. How To Use Transfer Output 4.

The E5EK controller is calibrated before shipment from the factory.

Page 3 Conventions Used in This Manual J Meanings of Abbreviations Sometimes the following abbreviations are used in parameter names, figures and in text explanations.

When the manipulated variable calculated by the E5EK controller omrln outside of the upper-and lower-limit range, the upper limit Function or lower limit set to these parameters is output, respectively. In other words, a response frame is returned for each command frame sent.

OMRON E5EK User Manual

Also, related output parameters can be used only when the communications unit EAKF is added on. Function Unit Default Setting Range In a close status, only control output 2 is ON. Multi-SP mode are used. However, note omrom these parameters can not be set when the mul- ti-SP function is not selected.

Omron E5EK-AA2 AC/DC24 Temperature Controller – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Page level 2 mode. When the value on the No.

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This example describes how to calibrate voltage input when the trans- fer output function is supported. To exit this mode, press the key for 1 second minimum. Control output cool omon, 2: However, note that the OUT1 LED does not light when control output heat or control output cool are assigned to linear outputs such as current and voltage.

Dead band Hysteresis heat Page There is no order of prior- ity in e5eek operations. For details of operation at an alarm, see page Operating Condition Restrictions The upper limit is set for the heating side positive valueand the lower limit is set for the cooling side negative value as shown in the follow- ing figure.

Specifications Assign these output functions to control output 1, control output 2, auxiliary output 1, and auxiliary output 2. So, 3-position control is made possible. For example, in the fol- lowing configuration, connect the terminator to the host unit and the unit No. Read this chapter only when the controller must be calibrated.

OMRON E5AK / E5EK Digital Controller

First-time users should read this chapter without fail. Alarms 1 to 3, 5: Also, when the input type, temperature unit and scaling sensor range are changed, set point limiter is forcibly reset to the scaling sensor range.

Use this chapter as a reference guide. Memory error F Meaning Internal memory operation is in error. The heater burnout alarm is always OFF if the alarm is o,ron to 0.

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