View from PSYCHOLOGY at University of Bucharest. PS1lOLOG1E Colectie coordonata de Nicolae Dumitra~ cu Eric. PSYCHOLOGY Viewing now. Interested in ? Bookmark it to view later. Buy CE SPUI DUPA BUNA ZIUA by ERIC BERNE (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Oneness and Separatedness Maroda, K.

Misleading title but still a worthwhile read. We all have our life run by our scripts made as a small child.

Not a bad achievement if you ask me. Dictionary of Transactional Analysis 86 Berne, E. Humanizing the Narcissistic Style 98 James, M. His approach in writing seems suggestive rather than eric berne ce spui dupa buna ziua, which is appropriate. This book was easier to read than ‘Games People Play’. Jul 23, Jim Eric berne ce spui dupa buna ziua rated it it was amazing.

Even if the twain do happen to meet, they rarely take advantage of it, each preferring to remain in his or her familiar drab surroundings hunched over a glass or a TV set, or sitting with folded hands, waiting for a riskless, sinless death.

A brief example would be if somebody was goofing around coming from the Child part of their personality and you shot them down from the Parent part of your personalitysaying something like, ‘You’re so immature! Berne was the founder of Transactional Analysis and as such this is a very important work. If you know of any, please email me. May 05, MiaBiel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Berne goes into interesting territories, but is able to pull you out for a breather with a 70’s era non-pc zinger from time to time.


I read Games People Play before this, and am a fan of it. A Therapist’s guide to the personality disorder: Gestalt Counselling in Action 63 Rothschild, B.

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One of the best pshychology books I’ve read. Book can be scary, must be necessary.

Manual of the Warrior of the Light by Paolo Coelho. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

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How we respond to life is based on the paternal script imprinted by our families and Eric Berne uses fairytales to exemplify. Momma and the Meaning of Life: You know, with chapters like “How to weave sackcloth”, or “When to harvest locust beans”?

Change, Principles of problem formation and problem resolution 31 Goulding, M. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are familiar with concepts like beene analysis or psyhcoanalysis, this book provides answers to some important questions. Uncommon therapy 19 Berne, E. That book was far more well organized, and made for a much better read than this one.

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In Quest of the Mythical Mate. Spu May 21st by Bantam Books first published This was my first introduction to Transactional Analysis. This book has one of the most misleading and worst titles, and it is one of the best books ever written in the field of psychology. Eric berne ce spui dupa buna ziua extremely thought provoking and a good start to improving yourself if you have a base knowledge of the things discussed in the book.


Personality adaptation 44 Gartner, R. With such simple explanations and examples, it is very easy to recognize the different patterns in our social interactions. Aug 21, Martine rated it liked it Shelves: Wow, quite a different perspective. For the ones who do, there can be a more inspiring tombstone.

Not exclusively of course.

The psychological birth of the human infant Bradshaw J. This book is great.

Cărţile din biblioteca ARAT Timişoara – Asociaţia Română de Analiză Tranzacţională

Perspectives in Transactional Analysis 35 Sills, C. In this book, what you get is extraordinarily clear-headed thinking about how we think or don’t. Feb 23, Gregg Bell rated it it was amazing.

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