Find the complete list of news-values below. Click on the image below to see it clearly. Galtung and Ruge, in their seminal study in the area put. One of the best known lists of news values was drawn up by media researchers Johan Galtung and Marie. Holmboe Ruge. They analysed international news. Galtung and Ruge news theories. 1. GALTUNG AND RUGE NEWS VALUES; 2. For any story that appears in the news has to have.

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Independent feature film production: In the general election, the ruling coalition lost its two-thirds majority. The team created news write-ups, arranged press conferences and actively created news value. Handbook of journalism studies. People appreciate that we spoke on their behalf. Pages containing valuees to subscription-only content. Different stories or elites are relevant to different audiences.

This is largely because it would appear impossible to define a common factor, or factors, that generate interest in a mass audience. The films have something to say. Films were subtitled into the four main languages of the country. Nnews the many lists of news values that have been drawn up by scholars and journalists, some, like Galtung and Ruge’s, attempt to describe galtunv practices across cultures, while others have become remarkably specific to the press of certain often Western nations.

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It i heavily promoted the 15 directors; ii tried to include the audience; and, iii created transparency and communicated in the first person. Every factor will be covered in a separate section. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia [proximity]. Forty years on, they found some notable differences, including the rise of celebrity news values and that good news as well as bad news was a significant news value, as well as the newspaper’s own agenda.

The wealth of networks: Since reaching these audiences is the common goal of the filmmaker and the opinion leader, the active construction and stressing of news value factors should at least be considered a useful option for the audience building filmmaker.

While Malaysia prides itself as being one nation of different religions and races that are all living peacefully together, racial tensions have grown beneath the surface.

GCSE Media Studies News Values

But cultures do not just constitute themselves through geographical proximity. This is the future of filmmaking. Similarly, The Hunt for Gollum: Maybe predictably, these developments also led to an explosion of available small-scale cultural content Hesmondhalgh, The UK Sunday papers are very fond of exclusives, and will often break a story of national or international importance that no one else has.

Change and continuity in contemporary American indie film. Galtyng lot of new media took it up and started to talk about — how, why? Vaules also means to enter into a conversation with the audience.

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News Values

Finally, subtitles make a film not only more accessible but also relevant to different audiences. Identities, Conflict and Cohesion, programme paper, number 7, at cpps.

Get your documentary funded and distributed. First MondayVolume 20, Number 3 – 2 March https: They galtug up with the following list of news values. In her study of Hong Kong journalist bloggers, Chu found that this service character and the resulting popularisation of headlines and news contents, can be factors that drive especially younger journalists away from traditional media and into the blogosphere.

Galtung and Ruge – News Values: an update by Prof. Galtung () – Galtung-Institut

They are not just films, but films with an agenda — an agenda that is clearly communicated. The same two conditions are observed to be characteristic of news.

Journalism in the digital age: Every premiere was a potential news story. This created a number of single events. Fifty years later, the media world has changed from one of scarcity to one of abundance.