Your toughest technical questions will likely get answered within 48 hours on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. The intent of this exercise is to introduce you to the structure and some of the functions of the HEC-Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS), by simulating the . 4 Apr The Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) is designed to simulate the complete hydrologic processes of dendritic watershed systems.

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From the River drop down menu, select All Rivers option, and click on the select arrow button to select all cross-sections for all reaches.

Step by Step: Flood Hazard Mapping | UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal

Click OK on the message regarding hec hms tutorial creation of the project. At this point, notice how each link has a separate value. Creating Obstructions Obstructions represent blocked flow areas areas with no water and no flow.

Once the table is created, create the following fields in it:. Before creating an import hec hms tutorial, make sure we are exporting the right layers. Close the dockable window, and save the map document.

If the Center of Gravity is outside, it is snapped to the closest boundary. Instructors have many years of experience in hec hms tutorial development of computer programs for scientific modeling and visualization. After the inundation map is created, you must check the inundation polygon for its quality. This process may take several minutes for hec hms tutorial large grid!

This will tell ArcHydro that the watersheds for these points are not delineated and the program can snap these points to drainage line before delineating watershed.


It is then cumbersome to find out which feature classes were used during pre-processing, and which feature classes contain results for visualization. Since we have only one bridge, we will edit its information because details such as deck elevation and number of piers are usually not hec hms tutorial by HEC-GeoRAS.

The intersection of cutlines with other RAS layers such as centerline and flow path lines are used to compute HEC-RAS attributes such as bank stations locations that separate main channel from the floodplaindownstream reach lengths distance between crosssections and Mannings number. The Fill Sinks function modifies the elevation value to hec hms tutorial these hec hms tutorial. Since we used aerial photograph while defining the crosssections, our hec hms tutorial of locating the bridge is done.

If you want to split the sub-basin at the point displayed in the map, you hec hms tutorial use hec hms tutorial subbasin divide tool, and click at the point displayed on the map. Confirm the input files, and click OK.

Even though it is not required, but it is hma good practice to maintain a consistent spacing between cross sections. If you get an error, you will need to modify geometry or flow data based on error messages to run the simulation successfully. AdjointCatchment Save the map document. The flowpath layer contains three types of lines: Tutorizl the attributes of the IneffectivePositions table shown below to understand how this information is stored.

You can use this option to trace the flow path the path along which water will flow to the outlet tutoriap any point in the watershed. This process will create two files: For this exercise we will take the easy route, but you may want to populate these features for other studies depending on your project needs.

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Training courses allow jec dedicated time and practice in learning WMS and can be adapted to individual needs. We are done with geometric data!

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After hec hms tutorial the cross-sections, save the edits and stop editing. The display should look similar to the figure shown below and be zoomed in sufficiently so you can see hec hms tutorial click on individual grid cells.

Structures can be identified by using the aerial photograph provided with the tutorial dataset. Flood Hazard Mapping Overview. You can also verify this by looking at other fields. Confirm that the inputs are as below.

WMS:WMS Tutorials

An alternative to delineate watersheds when you do not want to use the batch mode process a group of points simultaneously to generate the watershed for a single point of interest is the Point Delineation tool. Confirm tutoriao the input for the Flow Accumulation Grid is Fac. hec hms tutorial

Cross-section cutlines are used to extract the elevation data from the terrain to create a ground profile across channel flow. This is where ArcHydro will store its grid results.

Check Data This tool will verify all the input datasets. Save hec hms tutorial map document as cedar. This tool assigns distances futorial the next downstream cross-section based on flow paths.