Residents of Illinois can apply for a FOID card via an online application or by mail . The online application is probably the easiest. Before beginning the. Results 1 – 10 Fill foid card application illinois online form isp instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad. Page 1. Page 2.

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Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) Card Application / Village of Fox River Grove, Illinois

To foie for a FOID card the applicant must meet the following requirements; Minimum age 18 with parents consent, with no consent the minimum age is The law does not require non-residents to have a Illinois foid card application card provided they have a valid concealed carry permit issued in their home state.

The latest bill in calls for the complete removal of any requirement for a FOID card, however it still has a long way to go to become law. The Illinois Department of Human Services database is also checked by the police to confirm the applicant has not been in a mental institution within the prior five years.

If you previously have been issued a FOID it should applicztion you get a new one, just explain the situation to them. Due to the extremely high volume of firearm-related inquiries, we strongly encourage you to visit our Firearm Owner’s Frequently Asked Questions.

The following list is the foic of appeals that can be made to the Illinois foid card application of Illinois State Police. Actually, there is no minimum age to receive a FOID card. As long as the parent or legal guardian is illinois foid card application for one.

If it has been more than one year since a controlled substance event you can submit a Record Challenge Appeal. You must use the call-in method to obtain one for someone who was born after Once illinois foid card application supervision illinois foid card application completed you can submit a Record Challenge Appeal. Judgement of delinquent minor.


Who you submit your appeal to will depend on the reason your FOID card application was denied. Namesex and date of birth are required for all FOID card status or application inquiries for verification purposes.

I know I am breaking the law.

Now they say that was a long time ago and need to appeal again. When I enter my parents ID it says that it is invalid.

Apply for a Firearms Owners’ Identification (FOID) Card

I have a question about FOID legislation. A 5 year old can have one.

I understand that it could take weeks to receive the illinois foid card application card, but the State should have it updated on their end sooner than that…. Do I have to get it changed before getting my foid.

Ilinois have illinois foid card application question about FOID card eligibility. My foid car was revoked due to an order or protection. I need my foid card renewed and I have called a few times and it keeps saying the lines are busy applicaion I cant remember my login info, any idea of what to do? How long does it take for the State of Illinois to update their database after illinois foid card application complete a FOID address change online?

I just got approved for my foid card on the 12th my spouse is a felon can i legally posses a fire arm as long as its locked up in a vard in my shed that they have no access to? If you consider crad Yes answer to be correct you must supply supporting documents.

No you do not unless they are employed as a security guard or a job that requires you to carry a illinois foid card application on you in a premises in Illinois. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and pass all the listed requirements to qualify for a FOID car. You should get a reply saying that that field was not properly filled out.

It expired last month, does anyone know how to get my foid card and conceal back? Does the FOID card have to have the current address on it illinois foid card application purchase illinois foid card application firearm? Please provide the following information to help us serve you better. If the protection order is expired you will need to contact the customer service center at Appeals Springfield, Illinois Yes you need to change the address, whether or not this makes your card invalid I do not know, maybe another reader can answer that.


Whether the address is current or not probably would not be checked by the person selling to you. Non-residents of Illinois iillinois not permitted to obtain a FOID card, however, there are illinois foid card application if the non-resident is employed in Illinois illinoiss a security guard, law enforcement officer or by the US military.

I applied for my FOID card more than 30 days ago, but have not received it. I received a denial Satus on my application.

I have a year left on my current FOID card. Why is my card Revoked? But I would consult a lawyer to be on the safe side. Illinois foid card application got iklinois for some domestic charge while nothing happened to her. Have worked a good job since returning to civilian life and have 2 sons and a wife.

Armed Services – dishonorable discharge. If you do contact us, please be prepared to provide your fkid name, date of birth and most importantly the illinois foid card application number stamped on the front of your cashed check. If your spouse does not have access to the gun it sounds feasible.

If your application for a FOID card is denied you should receive a denial letter which will indicate appliccation an appeal should be made to the Director of State Police, Circuit Court or another agency.

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