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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And here is my main problem with the book, it’s just not honest what it is princeea. That is insulting to the reader and I have no idea why this book was an international bestseller.

The Ice Princess (Patrik Hedström, #1) by Camilla Läckberg

The murder victim is one of the most beautiful women who has ever walked the earth, and she’s not only secretly pregnant, but had been secretly pregnant before and is that her earlier spawn lurking around her parents’ house, sulking, perhaps? Published May by Maeva Ediciones first published It’s very hard to imagine a book that’s worse than this one.

There are blatant timeline mistakes. Of course, Erika always has tons of make-up on and half the times they see each other she’s just put on the first items of clothing in her closet.

What a piece of shit. The author did keep me guessing throughout the whole book. Other books in the series. There is one central character in particular who’s a totally unbelievable cartoonish caricature unworthy of being included in a serious novel. I was really disappointed as there was such potential for complex, strong female characters in this storyline. It was anti-climatic and did not save the book for me.

I still haven’t finished reading the book and I don’t think I willbut I’m going to point out some of the major “no no’s” that I found.

Por otro lado Patrik, uno de los protagonistas, me parece adorable. This would have been moderately believable if Erica displayed any level of intelligence. You can’t blame the translation, because the guy translates Henning Mankell, and Mankell’s gorgeous writing comes through in English just fine.


When I suggested this book as a read for my Read Around the World Bookclub it was on the basis of the marketing for this book as a “hard-hitting Scandi-crime novel that explores the difference in Swedish society between rich and poor, small town Sweden And because the clues were withheld and paragraphs lwckberg info seemed to be totally missing, I have to call this a disaster.

After pages I skimmed the rest of the book to just get the mystery solved.

La Princesa de Hielo – Camilla Läckberg – Google Books

I enjoyed the romance between Erica and Patrik and felt it only added to the overall story. Sometimes those descriptions were retold, just because. No sooner does she arrive, though, when her best childhood friend, Alexandra Wijkner, is found dead, frozen in her bathtub, an apparent suicide.

After finding Alexandra’s body, nobody took Eilert lackbberg Erica into questioning. There is a romance in this mystery which usually bugs the crap out of me but for some reason this one didn’t. Outside of a lack of character development, the clues were presented in the worst way possible. Non mi sembrava proprio il caso di continuarne la lettura.

This story had the setup to be a great murder mystery, it really did. The author spends an entire paragraph explaining how this woman is over weight and how princeea she finds her. No real reflection on what has happened to these people, but then what did I expect, after all, there is no character development in this book whatsoever, so surely reflection is just too much to ask.

La princesa de hielo

Plus a lot of careful, interesting and varying descriptions of the coffee people brewed. Refresh and try again. Otherwise one is simply a sad old crone, and no one wants that, you know. Ovviamente quelli positivi che comunque qualche difetto devono averlo se non si chiamano Erica o Patrik rivestono un mero ruolo marginale, non sia mai che vadano ad offuscare il dinamico duo.

They are either too skinny or too fat. This book promised to be a gruesome murder mystery which is not my genre but it was the book club pick for this month so I decided to give it a shot. Libro 17 – la Principessa di ghiaccio 3 26 Nov 07, A bottle of wine each, he had four servings of dinner, and they made love Having finished the Cammilla, Nesbo, Mankell, Fossum, and The Adler-Olsen series, I was looking for another Nordic series to read.

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You know how people made a big deal out of Twilight, and you didn’t know why? Suddenly, it’s two weeks earlier.

The Ice Princess

So I was rooting for the love story, but it, like the character studies from Grievance 1 seemed too easy and therefore came across as lazy.

All the participants in an earlier murder conveniently keep little bookmarks inscribed with the initials of their childhood “gang” name in plain sight for the author and detective to find.

For example, check I had heard only good things about this book, but it seems this year I’m not being lucky with my readings. No one truly thinks murder at first because it looks like an over-obvious suicide, but eventually things show that it is, in fact, a murder. View all 7 comments. The H Camilla Lackberg is a new promising Swedish author of crime fiction.

I’m convinced this was romance disguised as mystery.

Plus, they hiello sex 5 times in one night just like in a boddice-ripping romance novel. I always go into mystery novels knowing that they might be a little cheesy; heck I love cheesy mystery novels like Amelia Peabody. Around the Year i Hardcoverpages.

Apr 13, Phrynne rated it it was amazing. View all 5 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The natural one rapes both boy AND girl children.

I kept mentally correcting the sentences I read, I want to give up on this book so badly, but I feel lackbedg about stopping halfway through.