The Science of the Dogon by Laird Scranton. We have reproduced below the Conclusion of this superb scholarly book, which gives overwhelming support to the. Avi Solomon: Who are the Dogon? Laird Scranton: The Dogon are a modern-day African tribe from Mali who seem to observe many interesting. One time I got into a little discussion with Laird Scranton on facebook where I said that I thought some things about the Dogon culture were very interesting, but .

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In fact, other ancient goddesses, like Athena, who are traditionally associated with Neith also are associated with spider symbolism similar to that found in Degon cosmology.

The intimate parallels that appear to exist between the two structures strongly suggest that the Dogon cosmological system reported by Griaule constitutes a wholly valid and self-consistent form. Lists with This Book. To scratnon way of thinking, one critical omission on the part of most researchers of ancient myth has been to ignore these unexplained similarities, which seem to coexist among widely divergent societies but without compelling reason.

A perusal of this book makes one introspect doyon our ancient past, our arrogance in claiming to be more progressive and advanced than our ancestors and a gnawing sense that there is much we do not know.

Steve Lang rated it really liked it May 26, Amazon Scganton Fun stories for kids on the go. Neolithic Scotland and the Origins of Ancient Egypt. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy zcranton terms of useand the transfer of my personal data to the United States, where the privacy laws may be different than those in my country of residence. Explore the Home Gift Guide. I recommend this to someone already familiar with the subject and seeking a detailed analysis of how the Dogon creation explanation compares to other creation stories and the strong possibility of a single source.

The author repeatedly attempts some very circuitous logic. Rather, they are driven by and are consistent with the ways in which the Dogon elders understand and define their own symbols. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. So striking are the similarities between the cosmological myths of ancient cultures — and so thin the likely trail of transmission from one culture to another by conventional means — that Carl Jung was impelled to propose his famous theory of archetypes, postulating innate psychology as a credible way to explain their near-global appearance.

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In this book, Laird Scranton shows how the Dogon creation “myths” have deeper scientific meaning. Furthermore, Dogon descriptions that relate to the formation of matter are couched in what appear to be ancient Egyptian words, and supported by drawings that scrabton take the same shapes as Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Yahweh or Jehovah a real person. Blaine D rated it really liked it Dec 07, Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox. Available to ship in days.

The Science of the Dogon by Laird Scranton

High to Low Avg. Roger rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Return to Book Page. Scientific analysis of megalithic structures confirm observational astronomy c2, BC. Jesus as the husband of Mary Magdalene and the father of their three children. Episodic global catastrophe and climate change. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Furthermore, the Dogon share important religious rituals — such as the wearing of skull caps and prayer shawls, the practice lairf circumcision, and the observance of a Jubilee year — in common with Judaism as well as ancient Egypt.

Details of these processes then play out in parallel with modern scientific theory, matching the components and component processes of myth with those of science. My first book The Science of the Dogon: Not an easy book to read but providing a wealth of information.

And even if you don’t know much about the subject the author makes it easy to follow and understand so you may see the correlations for yourself. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Since these same facts had already been acknowledged by Western scientists by the time they were documented for the Dogon, popular researcher Carl Sagan suggested that the Dogon may have simply learned the facts from some knowledgeable modern visitor, then incorporated them into their pre-existing body of cosmological knowledge.

Feb 20, Synthia Green rated it liked it.

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Exploring Root Concepts of Cosmological Creation. A Study of the Founding Symbols of Civilization. Refresh and larid again. The Science of the Dogon offers a case-by-case comparison of Dogon descriptions and drawings to corresponding scientific definitions and diagrams from authors like Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene, then extends this analysis to the counterparts of these symbols in both the ancient Egyptian and Scrangon religions.


Jesus’ attempt to restore the tradition of monarchy and good government, though the Grail Code. Other aspects of Dogon cosmology argue for an early relationship between the Dogon and ancient Egyptian mythological systems.

First, further exploration shows that the body of unexpected scientific details lalrd by the Dogon seems to go well beyond simple facts of astronomy.

However, upon closer examination, we see that this point of view simply does not hold water. These statements of apparent fact also serve to undermine any suggestion that the Dogon could have derived their knowledge from contact with modern sources.

Moreover, the extended parallels between myth and science sustain themselves through complex discussions of the formative processes of the universe and the conception of life. Likewise, it allows us to reconcile important differences that sometimes crop wcranton between the similar cosmologies of different cultures. These examples show, among other things, that the Dogon myths clearly describe: Jesus teaching of the Surat soul Shabd word Yoga union to his inner circle of disciples.

What is ultimately revealed is the scientific basis for the language of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, which was deliberately encoded to prevent the knowledge of these concepts from falling into the hands of all but the highest members of the Egyptian priesthood.

Sacred Symbols of the Dogon

The coherence of Dogon cosmology is upheld by a sensible, well-defined system of symbolic storylines whose themes directly mirror the best modern scientific theories of how the universe and matter might dofon actually come to exist. No one has been taught anything seriously contrary to these beliefs in high school or university; nothing in our most respected Western mainstream media organs e.

Laird Scranton has established himself firmly as a leading interpreter of the mystery of the Dogon tribe of West Africa and their ancient Egyptian heritage.