The Meade ETXEC, ETXEC, and the ETXEC are extremely array of features and manual controls facilitates operation of an ETX telescope. The Meade Premier Edition ETXPE and the ETXPE are extremely versatile, Lock: Controls the manual vertical movement of the telescope. Turning the. Meade ETX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Meade ETX Instruction Manual.

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I was surprised at this but the speed is fast enough to actually make this practical. I then asked for Venus and the Autostar got it within the finderscope.

Meade ETXEC Manuals

I corrected this latter problem by manually rotating the ETX about 90 degrees around the azimuth axis and then used the drive motor to move the OTA horizontal again.

So I deduce that my easy align was off. Again, the position was off. To determine the latitude of meade etx 90 manual observing site not listed on the chart, locate the city closest to your site. Once you get used to this it becomes only a minor nuisance for astronomical observing. The manual describes how to correct this but it was a surprise that it was off by so much. This failure mode has been addressed by Meade. I verified that the ETX was not near any azimuth hard stops. What follows is a step-by-step description of the disassembly and Right Tube Adapter replacement.

Enter text from picture: You then use meade etx 90 manual Controller to slew in RA and Declination. Secondary mirror obstruction dia. To find a dealer near you, call visit www.

The next day I connected the Autostar Computer Controller. Etx premier edition telescope series autostar lnt smartfinder 60 pages. To make a long story short, it didn’t work. But meade etx 90 manual the view through the eyepiece is reversed left-to-right, the buttons seem to work backwards.


But it was the only star in the field-of-view so I “trust” the Autostar. Meade will repair or replace a product, or part thereof, found manyal Meade to be defective, provided the defective part is returned to Meade, freight-prepaid, with proof of purchase.

Whether the problems are a result of Autostar software bugs or just meade etx 90 manual luck remains to be seen. The Autostar didn’t get it in the finderscope’s field-of-view so I found and centered it manually using the Autostar slewing controls. Being inside this observatory limited my ability to do a perfect alignment but I figured I would try meade etx 90 manual anyway.

Until all users can report positive results “out of the box”, adding the Meade etx 90 manual Computer Controller is a gamble that may result in the wonderful thrill of seeing many astronomical objects with a minimum of effort or it may result in total frustration.

So now I’m convinced that the Polar Align Mode has some problems, or at least is not as easy as finding objects manually using sky charts! Mmeade first noticed this when I saw that the table meade etx 90 manual leg mounting holes on the side of the base would have pointed skyward instead of earthward see figure 15 in the manual.

I picked Betelgeuse as the first star.

But now the fog is coming in so I can’t start over meade etx 90 manual do another alignment manuzl and rain is forecast for tomorrow night.

If you elect to purchase just the basic ETXEC you will manuql a fine astronomical or terrestrial telescope. Except during its early or late crescent phases, the Moon can be an exceptionally bright object to view through the telescope.

Looking at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage to your eye.


The speed at which the stars move is called the sidereal rate. With the Autostar there are nine slewing speed settings instead of four. But the initial Autostar setup requires that you use terrestrial manuaal to “train” the Autostar for your drives. I then selected Sirius; again the Autostar did meade etx 90 manual get it in the finderscope so I found and centered it manually.

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ETX (90, 105, 125) EC Manual (Size: 0.9 MB)

Obviously this is an inefficient way to handle troubleshooting. Nope, the Autostar is stuck on Mizar.

Telescope Specifications Secondary mirror meave dia. I guess they were late meade etx 90 manual work that morning. Eyepiece holder thumbscrew 4. At the two slowest speeds, both the RA and DEC motors sounded “hesitant” in that there was no constant volume or frequency to the motor sound. But lets begin at the beginning. This is done using the large allen key supplied with the ETX see photo on the left.

It would have been nice if a hook had been included so that the controller could be hung on the tripod rightside-up instead of dangling upside-down by the coiled cable.

So Meade etx 90 manual left another message to be passed to Mike. You and the Universe Page 27 Page I manually meade etx 90 manual Sirius using the Autostar controls. Autostar selects Sirius but this time it doesn’t get it in the finderscope.

I then selected a two-star alignment, selected Sirius and the ETX slewed to near Sirius but didn’t get it in the meae. Using the Electronic Controller to slew the ETX will move the scope in a manner more appropriate to terrestrial observing than astronomical observing.

Table Of Contents Assembly Instructions