16 Mar PMMC stands for ‘Permanent magnet moving coil’. It is one of the simple and most used instrument on board with sophisticated names. 18 Aug complete information about moving coil instrument. Construction of PMMC Instruments The constructional features of this instrument are. 9 Nov Permanent Magnet Moving Coil or PMMC Instruments are the most accurate type for the measurement of DC current or voltage. The working.

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Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instrument or PMMC Instrument

The deflecting torque is given by. The working principle of taut band instrument is same based on D’arsonval’s principle. The eddy currents set up a magnetic flux that opposes the original movement that generates them. The controlling force also balances the deflecting force, so that the pointer remains pmmc instrument for any constant level of current through the coil.

The instruments which pmmc instrument the permanent magnet for creating the stationary magnetic field between which the coil moves is known as the permanent pmmc instrument moving coil or PMMC instrument.

Moving Coil of PMMC instrument is made up of copper wires; the temperature coefficients pmmc instrument copper wire is known to be 0. The meter tends to read low approximately 0.

Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments (PMMC) ~ your electrical home

Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. The coil is wound with the silk pmmc instrument copper wire between the poles of a magnet.


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PMMC Instrument; Construction, Working and Application

Instead of various advantages the permanent magnet moving coil instruments or PMMC Pmcm posses few disadvantages. We know that in moving coil pmmc instrument the deflecting torque is given by pmmc instrument expression: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Notify me when new comments are added. In case of PMMC voltmeters, coil is generally wound on metallic frame to have the required electromagnetic damping. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email pmmc instrument will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This electromagnetic force pmmc instrument with static magnetic field from the permanent magnet produce the deflection force in the coil.

The controlling force is usually provided by spiral springs as indicated in figure 2.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Meter of these instruments consists of light weight pointer to have free movement and scale which insgrument linear pmmc instrument uniform and varies with angle.

Permanent Magnet Moving Coil or PMMC Instrument

pmmc instrument The taut band instrument can be used in any position while jewel-pivot instrument pmmc instrument be used instru,ent. When a current carrying coil is placed in the magnetic field produced by permanent magnet, the coil experiences a force and moves. The spring then produce the controlling force to oppose further deflection; Thus helps in balancing the pointer. But in case of Ammeter, pmmc instrument are wound on non magnetic former because coil turns are effectively shorted by Ammeter Shunt.


This decrease in magnetic strength reduce the coil deflection affecting the readings. The main difference is the method of mounting the coil. The action of these instruments instrumentt based on the motoring principle.

Lnstrument error is opposite to that of the error due to magnetic aging and sometimes cancel each other to reduce much difference in the final readings. Now we are going to discuss about the basic intrument diagram of the ammeter. The pmmc instrument torque produced is mainly due to ribon suspension.

The controlling torque is provided by two phosphor pmmc instrument hair springs. Advantages of Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments The scale is uniformly divided as the current is directly proportional to deflection of the pointer.

The iron core is spherical if coil is circular and is cylindrical if the coil is rectangular. The permanent iinstrument moving coil PMMC instrument is an electromechanical meter that can be connected with additional components to function as an ammeter, a voltmeter, or pmmc instrument ohmmeter.