23 Jan (4) where offence appears to have occurred in another police station Rule 25(5) dispute as to jurisdiction RULE(6) reliving and relieved. POLICE RULES CHAPTER 22 INDEX Rule Officer in charge of police station Pakistan Lawyers Forum Topice: Chapter 22 of Police Rules Publisher: Imran Law Book House. Number of pages Binding: Hard Bound. Contents: Chapter 1: Preliminary. Chapter 2: Responsibilities and duties of.

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Knights Commander wear the Star on the let breast and the badge suspended from the ribbon which will be worn round the neck inside the collar of the coat and which should extend so as to show about one inch below the lower edge of the collar in front.

If necessary, extra police shall be enrolled for this purpose. The ribands of the Orders, Decorations and Medals may be worn on all occasions at the discretion of the holder. If the district Magistrate considers the presence of a police officer 1943 or below the rank of sub-inspector prejudicial to the welfare of the locality in which he is posted, he pamistan direct his transfer elsewhere within the district.

Description of article of clothing issued. Proposals for pklice changes in establishment are required to be accompanied only by statement showing the increase are reduction in the annual cost, which the proposal involves. The above rule covers the position of district Magistrates in relation to the railway police.

The rules regarding enrolment, discipline, etc. Registers and accounts to be kept — Each Superintendent shall maintain the following accounts: Each issue made to an individual shall be assigned a separate line, and the account shall be balanced on the last working day of each month and certified as correct by the reserve inspector is posted, by the Lines officer. Spurs — Light hunting, with steel chains, brown straps pilice shields. Any adverse comments on the urles of the police, which he may rhles, shall be communicated to the Superintendent through the District Magistrate.


They shall freely exchange information relating to the criminal administration, and shall ensure that co-operation between ranges and branches of the force is as close as that between the districts within a range.

Badge of the Order of the League of Mercy. When the proposal has been approved, the Electrical Engineer to Government shall be asked to prepare detailed plans and estimates with a view to the allotment of funds.

Forage Cap — As in Review Order, but with a white cover. Police Station Jurisdiction – District and the railway police sub-divisions are divided into police station jurisdictions according to administrative convenience and in order to meet the requirements or the Code of Criminal Procedure [section 4 1 s ]. Police officers residing in police buildings or quarters shall not keep any buffaloes, cows or other animals without the sanction of the Superintendent of Police, which shall be granted only when proper accommodation exists for such animals to which they must be confined.

The law must be made effective against sexual harassment. This can be supplemented from time to time by appropriation from the reserve under the same head at the disposal of the Deputy Inspector General. No additions or enlargements to such buildings or encroachments on Government land shall be permitted without the sanction of the Provincial Government.

Officers invoke rules to seek more police – Newspaper –

Signature of gazetted officer. Whenever the figures for the reserve represent less than the percentages prescribed in rule calculated on the revised establishment, application shall be made for the necessary increase to bring up the reserve to the authorized scale. Administrative division – The District of the province are grouped in Ranges and the administration of all police within each such range is vested in a Deputy Inspector-General under the control of the Inspector-General of Police.

Pxkistan wear the riband preferably of miniature width to which the badge is suspended under the tie, which should be a bow, the badges hanging diagram, page of Dress Insignia Worn at Court The jacket to be worn with a soft khakhi collar and shirt and dark blue silk sailor-knot tie.

Application for additional police required for private persons or corporate bodies.

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Punjab Police Rules, 1934

Collar to be cut as in an ordinary civilian lounge coat. Number of kits to be maintained — 1 Full kits corresponding to the number of lower subordinates sanctioned for the district shall be maintained; provided that no kits shall be ppolice for men solely for duties for which uniform is not required.

In the case of upper subordinates, who are specially permitted by the Inspector – General to wear uniform on ceremonial occasions after retirement, Superintendents of Police are empowered to permit them to retain one suit of khaki uniform complete with pagriberet cap, etc. A copy of sections 17 to 21 inclusive of Police Act V f and also a copy of rules relating to the enrolment, etc. Serge Jacket and Sarge Trousers — Where the climate renders these desirable officers may also provide themselves with jacket and trousers made of drab serge.

Electric installation shall not ordinarily be popice in quarters, whether married or single, of assistant sub-inspectors and head constables, or in married quarters of constables.

No ratio between police and population is prescribed, except that in the case of towns with a population of over 30, the total strength of police for watch and ward should not ordinarily exceed one constable to every inhabitants. No alteration in the number of police stations and outposts or in the boundaries of police station jurisdictions may be made without the sanction of the Provincial Government.

In the case of fairs managed by Municipal Committees, the Superintendent of Police shall submit a detail of inch charges to the Inspector-General of Police who will arrange for their recovery through the Ministry of Local Self-Government under clause d of sub-section 1 of section pakistzn of the Punjab Municipal Act,