O Psicopata Americano has ratings and reviews. Lauryl said: I actually read this book a few years ago, but I stumbled across the Goodreads. O psicopata americano é um dos mais radicais relatos sobre a banalidade da violência, do consumo e do vazio da geração de yuppies que viveu sua juventude. Discography information about the CD Psicopata Americano released by El Club De Marilyn.

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Totally detached and lacking in emotion. This is mainly because not a lot happens in the novel.

I love how violence was narrated in this novel. Maybe this is a reflection of psicopata americano protagonist’s mental stability losing all footing, but I found the ending sort-of disappointing. Psicopata americano think they can be brilliant and hilarious when done well but sometimes they are surrounded by an air of snobbery which ruins it for me.

El Club De Marilyn – Psicopata Americano CD. Heavy Harmonies Discography

American Psycho – Bret Easton Ellis. Find all of my reviews at: Owen is mentioned later as being alive in London–but by characters who always get names wrong elsewhere in the psicopata americano, and who are part of the same schizophrenic culture as Bateman. The sequel’s only connection with the pskcopata is the pwicopata of Patrick Psicopata americano played by Michael Kremko wearing a face maskbriefly shown in a flashback. Why his lawyer in the end tells him “i had dinner with Paul Allen in London 10 psicopata americano ago”?


Many of the conversations and interactions were needed, and a few were actually informative or interesting, but the same point really could have been made in a few chapters. Retrieved 7 July The people who get killed by Evian poisoning, maybe them, too.

Particularly as a female and, if a nod to psicopata americano movie isn’t too much, as someone attracted the parts of the character Christian Bale portrays. So nah, I don’t think this is a Great American Novel, or psicopata americano Great Gatsby of the late 20th century as one Goodreads reviewer floatedalthough I do think that’s what Ellis was going for, in his own sick way. Of course, the character of Ameficano is supposed to be vile, but his misogyny is so pronounced that I find it hard to simply glom it on with the rest psicopata americano his misanthropic tics.

The violence he commits towards men is bad enough but the violence he commits towards women is on a whole other level of sadistic.

O Psicopata Americano

The writing is snappy and psicoapta characters are funny and bizarre. Given the utter voidlike vapidity of every single psicopata americano in this novel, it’s not unreasonable to say that Bateman is the only one with a soul.

On the other side, the descriptive details of each crime were just a little bit too much for me. Psicopata americano reason I did this is very simple.

Reading this book is a very disturbing experience and maybe part of the reason I liked this book is because I’ve never psicopqta read a book like this before.


Ellis’s writing style is sharp, challenging, and his Bateman is utterly psicopata americano on point. It was supposed to psicopata americano a different project, and it was re-edited, but, ooh While reading American Psycho, Psicopata americano didn’t feel like Ellis’ intent was to subject his readers to the kind of blunt, repetitive violence reminiscent of a prison beating–although I could see how someone else might, I guess.

The MC, Bateman, doesn’t remember people’s names. Instead, I skip ahead to some of that good ol’ ultraviolence. Ixnay on the save the day “Yay!

psicopata americano I think Bret Easton Ellis is highly overrated. Half a book of recycled conversation about fashion, society, tanning, etc.

Psicopata americano some point, this reminds me Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolitaone of my top 5 favorites ever for fiction. Brett Easton Psicopata americano is no more a psycho than you or me, nor does he demonstrate any deep knowledge of what a psycho might be. Like a million other books in which violence and pornography are utterly gratuitous.

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Patrick is the main character and he is insane but it psicopata americano isn’t about him. Amerocano is it something you do? I just don’t care.