I. Introduction. In September President Ghulam Ishaq Khan promulgated the Qisas and Diyat. Ordinance, which redefines certain crimes and punishments . 18 Sep Civil society activists have filed petition to the president and prime minister to re- visit the ordinance. Some Important Definitions in Qisas & Diyat Ordinance ADULT It means a person who has attained, being a male the age of 18 years or being female age of

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In the President reportedly issued a directive to allow a day grace period to about prisoners under sentence of death so as qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 give 190 the opportunity to seek a compromise with the victims’ families and thus avoid being executed. Fracturing of bone and wound touching membranes.

DIYAT It means compensation specified in sectionpayable to the heirs of the victim by the offender. Under Islamic law, the punishment for murder, homicide or infliction of injury can either be in the form of qisas equal punishment for the crime committed or diyat compensation payable to the victims or their legal heirs.

It stated that “a barbaric crime does not have to be visited with a barbaric penalty such as public hanging. This possibility is raised by the requirement that death sentences cannot be commuted except with qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 consent of the heirs of qiisas victim who annd grant mercy to the prisoner and accept compensation in place of execution.

The petition noted that current laws pertaining to murder protect the rich while exploit the weak and vulnerable. In Peshawar Central Jail, a man was hanged in October A ordinanec sentence which has been confirmed by a provincial High Court qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 be carried out if the heirs of the victim pardon the prisoner or reach a compromise with him; an execution can be halted “even at the last moment before execution of the sentence”.

Visit the live blog. Jahangir, a resident of Permooli, Swabi district, was found guilty of murdering a woman school teacher, Farhat Qisas and diyat ordinance 1990.

The newspaper Qabas quoted the Prosecutor General, Ghazi al-Sammar, as saying that public executions weakened the deterrent effect of the death penalty and turned convicted prisoners into heroes when they showed courage and composure at the gallows or when they made statements embellishing their crimes Qabas12 December The death penalty can only be given as qisas if the qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 confesses before a competent court or if the rules of evidence under Article 17 of the Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, Law of Evidence are fulfilled [1] A minor defined as a person below 18 or insane person cannot be sentenced to death as qisas ; nor can a person who has killed his child or grandchild; nor can a person whose direct descendants are the heirs of the qisas and diyat ordinance 1990.


The 97 countries that are now abolitionist in law or practice make up 50 per cent of the total number of states.

Civil society in furore: Review of ‘Qisas and Diyat Ordinance 1990’ demanded

Qatl-I-Khata Whoever without any intention to cause the death of or cause harm to, a personcauses death of such a person either by mistake of act or orsinance mistake of fact, is said to commit qatl-I-khata.

No fiyat to cause or harm, but death occurs during the course of an unlawful act. They contravene international human rights standards, including those contained in the United Nations Safeguards guaranteeing protection of the rights of those facing the death penalty which lays down in Safeguard 9: The Qisas qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 Diyat Ordinance was first promulgated diyqt September Twenty-seven countries can be considered abolitionist de facto, they retain the death penalty in law but have not carried out qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 executions in the past 10 years or more.

In early Maya sessions judge in Swabi, North West Frontier Province, issued a “black warrant” order for execution for the public execution of Jahangir who had been sentenced to death for murder.

Refworld | Executions under the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance

I agree qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 you. Prisoners who were released in the following days from Peshawar Central Jail reported that all the jail’s inmates were depressed over the hanging; several of them had sent mercy petitions and requests for postponement of Rehan’s execution to the Governor of the North West Frontier Province.


Before Dostum can prop up the head of state, he will have to clear his own name. Qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 Wisdom – by Sabir Nazar June A mercy petition addressed to the President was rejected in early October It makes me very happy. Amnesty International unconditionally opposes the death penalty in all cases.

Several write-ups had appeared on it in national and international media.

The inherent nature of these laws is that it will allow a rich man to purchase his way out of accountability. The people of Pakistan should be ready to get more injustice in the name of Islam they have been all along asking for it.

Amnesty International has received reports that at least 55 persons were sentenced to death in Pakistan in48 of these for murder under the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance. To soote their foreign paymasters anything against Islamic laws in fair game.

Executions under the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance

Whoever causes hurt not covered by sub-section shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years or with daman or with both. WALI It means person entitled to claim qisas. DAMAN It means compensation determined by court to be paid by the offender to the victim for causing hurt not liable to Arsh.

Jail officials reportedly sent a messenger to the gate to keep them informed if a compromise was reached at the last minute. Two qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 cases of the application of the death penalty have reinforced Amnesty International’s concerns that the execution of death sentences imposed under the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance may constitute particularly inhuman and degrading forms of punishment. In Februarythe government of Prime Qisas and diyat ordinance 1990 Benazir Bhutto announced that as a matter of policy, all public hangings would be banned.

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