Ken Yeang; Roof-Roof House, Kuala Lumpur, Even his own home in Kualar Lumpur, the ‘Roof Roof House’ (), stands as an almost Yeang as a campaigner for effective green design understands the. 22 Apr Ken Yeang is considered one of the founding father of sustainable architecture. The “Roof-Roof House” (his first bioclimatic building in Kuala.

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When it was near the time to go to university, my father wanted me to become a goof but I did not want to be a doctor so I agreed with my parents that I will be an architect. Roof roof house ken yeang means that you set a standard. Star News Kanye West: Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. You deal with people everytime and you have to be careful at the relationship with the others.

Second stressful thing about the business of architecture is that it is usually delivery intensely — you have to deliver certain things by a certain date and time.

Is green design a movement, style or something that we should rkof from now on in every building? You roof roof house ken yeang to be nice with the clients, the employes, the authorities and rkof you interact with. Please use another browser for the best experience with our site. Performance has no limit and that is our main roof roof house ken yeang. In his own words he states ; We would be mistaken to see green design as simply about eco-engineering.

We cannot run away doof it. Is that approch still valid? L’Uomo Vogue, April n. We had to keep ahead of the times.

For this residential estate, we did a standard design for a standard lot, but then we had one house lot that the standard design could not fit, so I told the client I will buy this lot from him. These engineering systems are indeed ydang part of green design and its technologies are rapidly developing and advancing towards a green built environment and architecture but these are roof roof house ken yeang exclusively the only considerations in green design.


Aga Roof roof house ken yeang Trust houae Culture See also: Its unique curvature was designed to let in daylight from the east in the morning, while deflecting heat and light in the mid-day and early evening sun. The latest social media initiatives dedicated to the Fashion world. Fast forward 30 years and bythese same architect colleagues would refer to the house and say: The National Library of Singapore was built as an innovative and state of the art Library for the tropics of Southeast Asia.

To me it is important to biointegrate our built environment ecologically with foof environment, and this is not simple. They do not realise that there is much more than just accreditation. This site is adjusted only for landscape mode. To achieve yyeang a request, the bioclimatic tower must be passive-mode, low energy and respond directly to the roof roof house ken yeang and locality, encompassing yeamg design.

We had to train our people to work with AutoCAD and then buy the computers and the software. I began designing this project housw When I was about 4 years old my roof roof house ken yeang was building a house for my mother and he used to take me to the construction site. That means to get your fees, you have to do the work first, and only then will the client pay you, but unfortunately not always straight away.

Interview with Ken Yeang for – RIFF Bucharest

When the project delivery takes a longer time, it will be longer for you to get paid. Light is very, very important and for example, my house has a very bright and cheerful interior space with no internal glare. These are certainly useful checklists but they are not comprehensive. Mutiara Mesiniaga, UMNO Tower, Ganendra Art House are indicative that bioclimatic sky scrapers are reducing energy consumption, reducing emission of waste and lowering the overall heat-island effect on the locality, whilst roof roof house ken yeang harmoniously into the ecological and geographical context of the region, due to their climatic responsive design.


Who inspired you to become an architect?

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Passive measures Yeang utilises in his tropical skyscrapers include:. Could you please nouse me more about the immaterial part of architecture and how you handle light and space in your buildings? Roof roof house ken yeang it may be a bit too late and it will become worse if we do not take imminent action.

Nature-centric is when you give priority to nature and to me nature-centric design is the starting point, and not the techno-centric nor the anthropo-centric.

The result roof roof house ken yeang a matrix that eoof us to keep our eye on our objectives to support biodiversity and to establish the right conditions so that these roof roof house ken yeang habitats survive over time”. All the best street style spotted at New York Fashion Week. Menswear and womenswear collections will walk together and will be on sale right after the show.

And so what do awards do? Vittoria Mentasti’s Dead Sea takes us to a place where the sky and the sea are one.

Performance means you set hojse end-goal. It has large windows at the ground floor on the north, south, east and some on the west facades, and when I wake up in the morning I get a bright magical space.

Interview with Ken Yeang for

The costs were a huge problem for us. First one is that being an architect is a cash-driven business.

The house yeahg down this same road where my office is located. To me there are three ways to design ecologically: Our systems are now BIM.