4 Jul Spud: Exit, Pursued by a Bear is the 4th and final instalment in the hilarious teenage life of schoolboy Spud Milton – written by South African. 15 Jul Spud – Exit, Pursued by a Bear When I first started reading the Spud series, I was enthralled by the magic of Spud an read Spud, Spud – The. 26 Oct Book Review – Spud – Exit, Pursued by a Bear. by John van de Ruit (Penguin) ISBN: Spud Milton has finished school and.

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Matric, with its agonies: Spud kicks off his final year at Michaelhouse School for Boys. Cape kidnappings suspected kingpin arrested.

So, what would the producers have done with Spud — Exit, Pursued by a Bear? The angst that one goes thru at that stage of your life homes across so clearly.

Spud – Exit, Pursued by a Bear

I really enjoyed this series. I totally loved this book, John van de Ruit really had me rolling on the floor laughing! Write a customer review.

Armed with a prefect’s tie and a raging libido, Spud soon discovers that being a large ish fish in a small pond has its fair share of challenges. EFF determined to be in government after watershed election.

Oct 15, Emma rated it it was amazing. They also hate endings. One ny the frustrations of this book is the many unanswered questions pursuec leaves at the end, this is fine as it is a diary and would continue but it leaves you feeling a little unf The story ends.


Responsibilities are thrust upon him and against all odds and through any means even bribery he overcomes them and survives. What a surprise I got when I was handed this one and realised spud exit pursued by a bear I had not checked the author as well as the title.

Spud: Exit Pursued by a Bear

So, it had to be something that had already been said and Spud was just quoting it whenever he said this phrase. Being a prefect and making decisions about his future turns out to be more taxing than he thought, and on top of that there is the recurrent girl trouble. Although his action, leaving a helpless baby in a place far away with wild animals living nearby, might be morally questionable, Antogonus is fated to do what the spirit says so he must do it.

It’s quite exciting to see how he’s changed. Sep 15, Rebecca Carlsen rated it really liked it. Exit, Spud, pursued by our grateful laughter and a regretful farewell. We meet a few new first year characters and say goodbye to the Crazy 8, The Gov and the rest of the cast. The end of a series and the end of an era for me. Aug 24, Megz rated it really liked it.

The ephemeral nature of young spud exit pursued by a bear entanglementsrings true, and the Crazy Eight behave much like boys we remember from our teenage years. spud exit pursued by a bear

Spud – Exit, Pursued By A Bear. | South African Hotels

Rain Man with his cretincy had me laughing out loud! Little reminders of the political landscape in South Africa helped locate the novel in time. The first book got me hooked, the second book made me spud exit pursued by a bear to read the rest, the third book made me really get into it and just wanted to spud exit pursued by a bear more and more.


Exit, Pursued by a Bear is definitely going up there on my top putsued. Penguin Global; Reprint edition January 23, Language: And when I had reached the end of the third book, I had one of those moments that I think only a true lover sppud books can comprehend.

Pirsued the plot develops to the climax of the school Matric Dance and looming final exams, so too does Spud mature as a student in the school, a son to his chaotic parents and as a grandson to his infamously delusional grandmother, Wombat.

Bullying the younger students has reduced considerably except by Boggo and Spud even forms a true companionship with his slave. If I were being honest I would say the third book was a more upbeat ending and this one seemed sort of thrown on. I love spud exit pursued by a bear John Van de Ruit has been able to capture the spirit of growing up and maturing without changing the character. It won the Bookseller’s Choice Award.

Purused to complete the series.