Lyrics of Vishnu Sahasranamam from movie Vishnu Sahasranamam Dhivya Sahasranama Sthothra Mahamanthrasya Sri Vedhavyaso Bhagavan. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra Asya Shriivishhnor-Divyasahasranaama Stotra Mahaa Mantrasya Shri Vedavyaaso Bhagavaan Rishhih Anushhtuph Chhandah. Vishnu Sahasranama means the “Thousand Names of Vishnu. Earning the grace of the teacher and the blessings of the Lord Vishnu, Sri sankara inaugurated.

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Thus, we have ten in- carnations. Narayana is the very Direction, Path, Progress and the Goal for his devotees.

Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram Lyrics Names | Hindu Devotional Blog

Trisaamaa saamagah saameti Kavacham. In the Light of Consciousness alone, the web of happenings around is held together to provide us with our experiences. Mere word meaning cannot give us the sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in concept of the subtle theme discussed in the Vedas.

Skandah -This is one of the names of the youngest son of Lord Siva, Subrahmanya, who is described in the Purana as Commanander-in-Chief of the righteous army.

Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram Lyrics 1000 Names

The final realization is a perfect identity indicated in the Mahaavaakya. The Self is beyond all vaasanaas and, therefore, He cannot be affected by anyone of the manifestations of Maayaa such as thoughts of the intellect, emotions of the mind or the perceptions of the body.

One who gives everything to His devotees is Bhaavanah. Thus, One who gives sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in and disaster to the vicious, and who blesses with joy and peace to the good people is called Janaardanah.

Just as our activities sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in today ordered by our selfishness and individuality, the Ideal that commands sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in orders all activities in the bosom of a Man of Realization is his God-Consciousness. All through the discussions he never interferes with the freedom of speech and action of the members, if they act within the agenda of the day. This is not to sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in taken literally.

Param Mangalam is Supreme Mangalam, and It can be none other than He, by whose mere remembrance all inauspiciousness gets lifted up and all Auspiciousness comes to flood our hearts The Upanishad declares. Thus, He is a friend and a devoted ally to everyone since He is the mighty power behind all Vaasanaas expressing through all creatures. It is absolutely necessary that the student of the Vedas should try to understand the meaning of their declaration.


Again, the Supreme, as Lord Krishna, in order to protect the cows had to lift the Govardhana Mountain. Whenever there is a large wealth in a box it becomes a treasure and sxhasranamam is locked and safely protected; when this divine installation has taken place, and therefore, the body has become the Temple of the Almighty, and therefore, it has become a scared treasure house to be protected. The ego sahasranajamwhen it discovers its identity with the Self, automatically moves away from the sorrows of the vehicles.

He is the one who pervades all and nothing sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in pervades Him. When Lord Vishnu, the charioteer, Himself is installed in the eyes “netram”the individual is safe “rakshobya” in his spiritual pilgrimage. Thus Vishnu, as the only source from which all creatures have emerged out, vizhnu called as Prajaapatih.

The Lord alone is the One Experience without which the Vedas cannot be fully realized.

Vishnu Sahasranamam (Meanings)

Since these equipments are infinite in number, as the individuality jeeva in each one of the created beings, His own Glory expresses in endless manifestations. The Light of Consciousness is the Illuminator of the mind, and so sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in peace of virtue or the agitations of the sin cannot affect the Illuminator -the Illuminator being always different from the illuminated.

The manifested powers of Life express themselves in every intelligent man as the power of action in the body Kriyaa Saktithe power of desire in the mind Icchaa Sakti and the power of knowledge in the intellect Jnaana Sakti. Thus Sipivishtah would indicate the Supreme, who is the Presiding ih in the Sun, giving it both its energy of heat shaasranamam light.

Just as the hub of a wheel holds the rim unto itself by its endless spokes, so too the Aatman, the Self within, lends Its vitality to sahasranamm cell in the body and to every thought in the inner-equipments. Since life is that which controls even the mind, certainly It is superior to the mind and this Self is the Maha Vishnu.


Zahasranamam the gross world-of-plurality emerges out there should be a condition of subtle manifestation of it in the form of sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in. In His manifestation as the Sun and the Moon, the Lord Himself sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in the world to wakeful activities and sends the world to sleep and rest.

In this sense, the essential Dharma of one is the Self. These Sshasranamam are four in number. In Geeta we read that the cause for all the sorrows of the individuality Jeeva is the attachment with matter and its various imperfect conditions Gunas. Anushtup is the name of the particular metre in which this thousand-name- chant on Vishnu is sung.

Even insignifical1t unicellular organisms revolt against pain, and they too seek happiness.

In Him can never be any contamination of the imperfection of Rajas and Tamas. Lotus in Hinduism represents Truth or any of Its manifested powers. He is the One, who veils Himself from the comprehension and understanding of the unprepared men of evil temperaments and who possess no true devotion. At this moment when this mantra is mentally sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in, it is significant that the student lifts the palm away from the feet, and with the stretched out index and middle fingers of the right palm snaps them on the open left palm.

He checked Vamayati sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in rising pride of possession in Bali, hence He, in that incarnation as a Vatu, is called Vaamana.