Suunto D4i simplifies your diving experience because all the information you need relating to depth, time, decompression, and additional tank pressure status is. User manual for the device Suunto D4. Online user manual database. Get Suunto D4 D4 Divers Watch User’s Guide. Get all Suunto manuals!.

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Dd4 7 To get the most out of your Suunto D4 please read this instruction manual carefully and make sure you understand the use, displays, and limitations of the instrument before using suunto d4 manual.

It also tells you you should not rise above 3m until told OK. Page 16 Table 3. Setting the depth notify alarm FREE mode Personal adjustmentsThere are personal suunto d4 manual that can affect your susceptibility to DCI, which you canpredict in suunto d4 manual, and input into the decompression model.

The buttons and their use will be explained in more detail in the relevant sections of the manual. The dive time and date are registered in the Logbook memory.

Suunto D4: User guides

What does this mean? The dive computer will not show times for ascent or stops.

WARNING is used in connection with a procedure suunto d4 manual situation that could result in serious injury or death CAUTION is used in connection with a maunal or situation that could result in damage to the device NOTE is used to emphasize important information Before you go on to read the manual itself, it is extremely impor.

Suunto D4 simplifies your diving experience because all the information you need relating to depth, time and decompression status is available on one easy-to-read screen. When programming the instrument for the correct altitude, you need to select the correct Altitude Adjustment settings according to Table 5. This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country in which you pur- chased the Product, provided that Suunto has intended the Product for suunto d4 manual in that country.

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No decompression timeThe maximum amount of time a diver may remain at a particular depthwithout having to suunto d4 manual decompression stops manul the subsequent ascent. Page 58 to be understated and will affect decompression calculations. Page 80 As far as the national laws permit, repairing the product does not extend or otherwiseaffect the warranty period.

In My Suunto d4 manual you can register your dive computer and manage your membershipprofile.

Confused: Suunto D4 Safety Stops | ScubaBoard

Setting the surface time notify suunto d4 manual FREE mode You can set a surface time notify alarm to indicate the length of the surface time beforea new dive. You can reset the maximum depth of scuba dives to 0. Page 89 Table Also you auunto use our simulators to create deco scenarios and see how the D4 responds to them.

Registration is not required to read the forums, but we encourage you to join. Page 80 Suunto d4 manual far as the national laws permit, repairing the product does not extend or otherwise affect the warranty period. If a suunto d4 manual under this Limited Warranty appears to be necessary, please contact yourlocal authorized Suunto retailer — for contact information please visit the Suuntowebsite www.

Disclaimers, User’s Responsibility Any breath hold diving results in some nitrogen build-up in the blood and other fasttissues.

Each displayshows only the data relevant to suunto d4 manual specific diving mode. Oxygen related information displayed by the dive computer is also designed to ensure that all warnings and displays occur at the appropriate phases of a dive.


Setting the depth alarm – SUUNTO D4 User Manual

Warranty PeriodThe Mqnual Period starts at the date of retail purchase by the original end-userpurchaser. The Suunto RGBM model calculates deep stops iteratively, placing the first stop abouthalfway between the maximum depth and the ceiling depth.

Dive Mode Settings 5. Last Sunday 3 days ago i did a night dive and when we surfaced, i noticed a warning sign on the computer, which turned manusl a couple of hours later. At this time, perform your pre-checks, making sure that: Page 62 The Day History shows the average depth of all dives, the deepest depth of the day as well as the time, the longest dive, and the cumulative dive suunto d4 manual in hours suunto d4 manual minutes, as well as the number of dives made during the day.

Suunto D4 User Manual

Page 70 Dive numbering shown during dive planningDives belong to the same repetitive dive suunto d4 manual if the instrument suunto d4 manual still countingdown the no-fly time at the beginning of the dive. Setting the nitrox values. The dive computer will adjust its mathematical model according to the entered altitude setting, giving shorter no-decompression times at higher altitudes see Table When entering the MEMPlan mode, the display first briefly shows the remainingdesaturation time before going into plan mode.