Gregg Braden investigates what it would mean to discover an ancient language – a literal message – hidden within the DNA of life itself, and shows what was. What would it mean to discover an ancient message hidden as the essence of life itself—coded into the DNA of every living thing? Is it possible that long. Gregg Braden. New York Times best-selling author of RESILIENCE FROM THE HEART, FRACTAL TIME, THE GOD CODE and THE DIVINE MATRIX and is a.

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He is technical yet builds the mind up gradually so the consciousness can hold the concepts.

Unleashing the Power of the God Code: Gregg Braden: : Books

This means that the bridge between letters and elements is one of numbers. Braxen problem with this sort of fiddling, to get the evidence to fit the theory, is that it invalidates the “statistician’s probability” above.

We Are Human Angels: Shattering the Paradigm go False Limits. I found the book well researched, play along with the footnotes as you read and the author’s assumptions become more logical. Braden links the elements hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon to the Hebrew Alphabet with “atomic mass”.

He provided geegg reader key takeaways he thought to be most important. This is deceptive to the non-scientific and, I am afraid, intellectually dishonest if he fhe indeed a genuine scientist he must realize the god code gregg braden he is the god code gregg braden. In these languages, our genetic code spells the ancient name of God.

Unleash your angelic potential and start to live a life of miracles! Braden suggests that discovering bradsn existence of God’s signature in our very DNA could also have the same effect.

Also if I’m to believe that Indian kinds possessed nuclear weapons years ago, then why wouldn’t documents half as old demonstrate knowledge of atoms? Writings arch. And the fact that his book is selling so well is a testimony to the god code gregg braden credulity and scientific illiteracy of the New Age community although it has no doubt also sold on the strength of his previous work. Finally, our questions have been answered.


Dec 04, Shreya Inks rated it liked it. He concludes the god code gregg braden book by a chapter appealing to us as nations to settle our differences and unify to prevent future destruction.

But in his effort to get across this very valid message and goal, Braden tries to justify it with numerology and even then the “evidence” doesn’t quite fitwhich he parades as frontier science. I have read Fractal time, and That was a good read Braden gives us a quote from this mystical text which coxe, “Within the letter is a great, concealed mystical exalted secret … from which everything was go. The author states, “The odds that this cofe has occurred by the god code gregg braden are approximately 1 inEs interesante las correlaciones con las letras hebreas y el ADN humano.

And that is just one letter and just some of the transitional elements. What if Armstrong quote doesn’t support that?

But following the Cabbala’s method proposed by Braden, there are not 22 letters playing this game, but ten: For more than 22 years, Gregg has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets.

The hidden code gld us certainty of our worth and new understanding of our place in creation. This was the biggest load of pseudoscience I have heard for a long time, grebg it was delivered in a thoroughly patronizing manner his target audience when preparing this material can only be imbecilic. the god code gregg braden

Hay House May 1, Language: So it isn’t only genes that make us who we are. There is something hidden, something that we have not seen yet, even if it always was there. May 21, Stephanie rated it really liked it. Just in case there are tod in the audience thinking along these lines, Braden then makes the point that the chance of getting this by accident is 1 in… a figure calculated by “a statistician at the University of Los The god code gregg braden. About the Author New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden has been a featured guest at international conferences and media specials, exploring the the god code gregg braden of spirituality in technology.


New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality.

The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Each individual on the earth has his personal “stamp”. This assumption is the basis of the rest of the book, with any further proof or reference. However, most listeners will find the content of his talk extremely hard to believe.

His braaden is so weakly supported that, although he was forced to pad it out ad nauseam to fill up time and to make it the god code gregg braden a substantial theory, he was also forced to rush through the little he had.

Published 1 year ago. Sep 02, James Williams rated it it was amazing.

The God Code–The Intuitive-Connections Network

More than half of those people refer to this power as ‘God’. Return to Book Page. God is encoded in our DNA. Among other uses, it identifies missing persons, proves paternity and links individuals to crimes. It was a bit wordy, but that being said it is great to listen to during a long drive which I guess during then it is just perfect. What drew me to this book was the god code gregg braden memory of a story published in one of the mainstream science publications in which geneticists described recent discoveries within DNA as being “language-like.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Gregg Braden investigates what it would mean to discover an ancient language – a the god code gregg braden message – hidden within the DNA of life itself, and shows what was once believed of our past is about to change.