A page book explaining Christ’s humor, The Humor of Christ, by Elton Trueblood maintains, correctly, “Any alleged Christianity which fails to express itself. 9 May there is good evidence that Jesus taught with humor and used irony, and . “The Humor of Christ” by Elton Trueblood, HarpersCollins. The Humor of Christ. Front Cover. Elton Trueblood. Harper & Row, – THE UNIVERSALITY OF CHRISTS HUMOR. in Christs use of irony.

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No one would do anything so obviously self-promoting. What I found best about the book was that it made Jesus seem more like a real person, not just an idea floating around out there. He also invites us to consider some of the harder sayings of Jesus and understand them as Jesus employing humor often stating the absurd the humor of christ elton trueblood make a point.

The Humor of Christ – Elton Trueblood – Google Books

Oddly, this book has the best description of Pharisees that I have ever read. I read it a while ago during grad school. Irony, satire, paradox, even laughter itself help clarify Christ’s famous parables, His brief sayings, and important events in His life. Mar 19, Brenda rated it liked it Shelves: Straining out a gnat would have been hard work for anyone—but impossible for the blind. It has been a good exercise considering that Jesus may have been being ironic, sarcastic, or playful.

Mark Hollingsworth rated it really liked it May 15, Jul 07, Iris Odelle rated it it was amazing. As I the humor of christ elton trueblood in my book Happinesswe have a sense of humor because as His image bearers, we are similar to God, who enjoys laughter.


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This graphic word picture might have prompted outright laughter. One of the best things about those books was how it got me thinking. Lists with This Book.

Jesus depicts a wealthy man who hands over one to five the humor of christ elton trueblood to various servants. Chris rated it it was ok Apr 28, Chrisst a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

He calls the humor of Christ a “neglected aspect” of his human incarnation. And what could be more ridiculous than swallowing a camel? There are numerous passages. Oct 17, Jacob O’connor rated it liked it.

Jesus also used exaggeration for comedic effect. People who worked the ground in that culture surely smiled at the self-evident answers.

The Humor of Christ: A Bold Challenge to the Traditional Stereotype of a Somber, Gloomy Christ

The Humor of Christ: Niza rated it liked it Feb 27, Would be more aptly named the humor of christ elton trueblood Whit of Christ”, or “Jesus had a wry sense of humor, maybe. It’s an analysis of Jesus’ wit and humor in the Gospels. Julie rated it liked it Apr 29, It’s the reason for my first sentence. Rev Gary rated it really liked it May 05, Jesus was poking fun at a vicious, immoral, murderous tyrant by comparing him not to a lion or a bear but to a fox!

Worth a read since it is so short, but not the best book ever. Well, I finally got to it and this thin book is packed with all kinds of wisdom about humor.



Do We Miss the Humor of Christ When We Read the Gospels? – Blog – Eternal Perspective Ministries

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I’ve never considered that Jesus has a personality!

The most helpful thing for me personally was Trueblood’s alternate explanations for a couple of parables that have troubled translators and scholars for many years e. Trueblood shows that many of the theological problems with these parables are cleared leton if we begin with the assumption that Jesus was joking – and he goes pf to suggest why there may be textual and contextual evidence for such an explanation.

I also appreciated the many insights the author offered about the humor of christ elton trueblood nature of humor and its importance in life.

Jesus did use humor more than chrixt today probably realize. May 15, Mark Oppenlander rated it liked it Shelves: There were a couple of places where I thought the author read humor into stories the humor of christ elton trueblood the words of Christ where it wasn’t present but at the same time, he did open my eyes to see Christ’s humor in places I had missed.