I’ve just been working on the Thermotron and had great success using simple VISA serial commands. I don’t have a manual for the The Thermotron S occupies less bench space than any other comparable bench top test chamber on the market. Featuring a wide temperature range. Thermotron manual pdf. PDF 94FFEEA A18BEA UDP c program files HP Connections Program HP. Connections.

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The 9 key decreases the thegmotron by 0. Enter thermotron 3800 manual desired values, values only. For this system to operate properly, with the carefree opera- tion for which it was designed, use only distilled or demineral- ized water. The vapor enters the chamber in the plenum area where it mixes with the chamber air. Repair leak and re-charge. Thermotron also recommends the wet bulb wick be changed periodically to assure optimum system operation.

thermotron 3800 manual

Basically, the system operates in the following mnnner: This is also the final thetmotron thermotron 3800 manual the previous interval. The stops the test while the alarm condition exists.

Cooling thermotron 3800 manual begins to lower the chamber temperature. When the power is turned on, the SRQ enable mask is automatically decimal binary.

S Stop Controller and Programmer. This charge is referred to as the standby pressure. To check the charge, watch the sightglass for bubbles during the pulldown.


Defrost and dry coil. Message 6 of See Page 41 for more information. Bit 7 is thermoton if the keyboard is locked Bit 6 is set if Channel 2 relative humidity is in alarm. To read the R thermotron 3800 manual 380 properly, two requirements must be met. Do not change the setting while the display shows BUSY.

The serial interface configurations for the printer are: Refrigerant thermotron 3800 manual through the dehumidify expansion valve and the dehum- idify coil. This will depend on loads placed in the chamber. See Figure 17 and Figure thermotron 3800 manual A percent of stops the pulsing and turns the auxiliary cooling on when the refrigeration system is on and the heat throttle is zero.

To prevent damage to the instrument, do not connect AC power to the maunal blocks on the main board and the multioption board.

Press the ENT key to save the new calibration factors. All future inputs from the will contain the latest thermotron 3800 manual data for that variable. This will cause the humidity heat circuit to open’if the humidity heater is energized when there is no water in the vapor generator, thus pro- tecting the heater against burnout. The low temperature, Thermotron 3800 manual unit, removes heat from the interior of the chamber and passes it to the cascade condenser where it is picked up by the high temperature R system.


Thermotron S1.2 3800 benchtop temperature chamber, -68C to +177C

thermotron 3800 manual The setup mode can be exited at thermotron 3800 manual beginning of a function by pressing the STOP key. The low pressure liquid enters the chamber fin coil where it absorbs heat from the chamber. As an added precaution, a thermotrn with a low watt density has been used to assure the heater will not burn out if the heater is energized when there is no water in the vapor generator and the heat limit fails.

If the values in the program are correct, press the ENT key. The program time is held until the process variable is within the specified deviation from the set point.

Thermotron S benchtop temperature chamber, C to +C

An error results if these two conditions are not met. Use the chart below to thermotron 3800 manual what the stop code number means. This allows for fast fill and drain.

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