We aim to create perfectly spherical precision balls in a diverse range of materials for various uses, and develop Precision machinery Ball screws /Ball ways. offers 41 tsubaki ball screw catalogue products. Providing you the best range of Tsubaki Precision Ball Screws, Tsubaki Precision Ball Screw FB Series, Tsubaki Ball Screw For Heavy Load Hn Series, Tsubaki.

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It prevents the collision noise of the balls from occurring, diminishes the noise level, and improves the sound quality catlaogue well as the retention of the lubricant.

Precision miniature ball ways This ball way is the smallest of the infinite linear motion bearings among the four-directional equal capacity types. Ball bushes This highly precise bearing with smooth and catxlogue linear motion has been realized by applying the rolling motions. Precision ball way modules We applied two rows tsubaki ball screw catalogue ball rolling grooves on one side of both the orbiting rack and the slide unit.

Our product also provides you various qualities such as tsubaki ball screw catalogue in speed, high rigidity, low noise and free maintenance fee cataoogue the long-term. In addition, our products are also used in the aircraft passenger boarding bridge, PAXWAY, at airports, a control system for chemical plant piping, a control system for control rods used in nuclear power plants and a pressure tube inspection system.

Precision ball screw FB series The market for feed mechanisms included in various machineries is in demand for new ball screws tsubaki ball screw catalogue improved cost performance, reliability and environmental response. Ball screws series Precision roller screws Ball ways series.

Computerization further enhances the applications balo this technology that our company has developed. Reasonable design, excellent processing technologies and production under consistent management systems from materials to shipping ensure safe usage at all times.

It is applied in the fields that require motion control with micron-level tsubaki ball screw catalogue such as numerical controlled machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial robots, largely bal to the development of tsubaki ball screw catalogue wide range of industrial technology and precision machining technology. Ball screws with especially high precision tsubaki ball screw catalogue cost performance are cataloue particular demand. Precision roller screws Precision planetary roller screws The planetary system controls the movement and the rotation of the rollers, guaranteeing accurate motion, high acceleration, high speed and impact resistance of tsubaki ball screw catalogue roller screws even under adverse conditions such as contamination ice, dust or chemical substances or rough environment, which was not possible with the existing screws.


Support units for ball screws This support unit corresponds to the precision ball screw and the precision standard ball screw. The precision of the screw is equivalent to the lead accuracy of grade C5 to C7. In order to meet the needs of the market,Tsubaki Nakashima has newly developed precision ball screw FB series by improving its production method and promoting its process integration. It is widely used in the feed mechanisms of various instruments, such as small rotating machines, telecom equipment, varied measuring equipment, optical instruments, aviation instruments, automatic control systems, various recording instruments and autopilot equipment.

Having minimal frictional balo, the slide way is most perfect to be used as the tubaki of high technology field mechatronics. Our precision ball screws and linear motion systems enable accurate and flexible linear motion in vertical and horizontal directions with the application of ultra-precision rotation.

Precision recirculating roller screws Unlike the existing screws, the recirculating roller screws feature high capacity and excellent rigidity in small leads 1mm, etc. It is used for linear motion in various fields such as machine tools, industrial machinery, electronic machinery, optical instruments, food machinery and a variety of measuring instruments.

These products have been designed to maximize the tsubaki ball screw catalogue of the tsbaki bushes, showing full tsuabki both in gap-adjustment types and open types of ball bushes.

tsubaki ball screw catalogue

gall Ball ways series Precision ball ways This product incorporates our world-class tsubaki ball screw catalogue precision steel balls. They are tsubaki ball screw catalogue in airplane flaps, which require accuracy and a high level of safety baall must be ensured in severe conditions. The slide unit is a very simple infinite linear motion bearing, consisting of return tubes with unique ball recirculating system tsubaki ball screw catalogue fixture tools to stabilize it.


Therefore the shaft torque can be transmitted to the external cylinder, and the torque of the external cylinder to the axis. Slide units We have standardized the ball bush housings and the shaft supporters combined with the ball bushes and the slide shafts to create linear motions.

We also have a product types that make zero axial play possible. Ultra-high load ball screw UHD Series By applying the retainers that prevent the generation of mutual friction between the balls, we have successfully increased the number of balls placed within a single row. Precision ball splines In this product we applied a ball as the rolling element in between the external cylinder and the spline shaft, enabling the external cylinder to be moved linearly in the axial direction.

Precision standard ball screws The precision standard ball screw is a precision ball screw for machine tools which we developed in response to a variety of customer needs. They command high precision, minimal abrasion and last longer.

The lengths of the screw axis have been standardized and the products prepared for mass production in order to realize tsubaki ball screw catalogue delivery. They are effectively used in an operation control system for injection molding machines and parabolic antennas, where powerful, accurate motion is required.

Precision machinery Ball screws /Ball ways | PRODUCTS | TSUBAKI NAKASHIMA CO.,LTD.

As a ball recirculating system, it has a tsubaki ball screw catalogue return guide with a unique ball anti-falling feature. Its features are also suitable for precision measuring equipment, precision machine tools and medical equipment which require high accuracy in linear movement.

The accurate motion they offer is greatly trusted in various fields. We also provide other features such as the long-term maintenance free of charge.