The Vachanamrut app for Android devices in english language, is a brilliant concept for bringing this holiest of scriptures right to your Android device. English . Features – Offline reading, allowing it to work without an internet connection – Appendix to aid finding relevant Vachanamruts Whats is the Vachanamrut?. The Vachanamrut (Gujarati: વચનામૃત) of Swaminarayan is the most sacred and foundational . External links[edit]. Listen or Download The Vachanamrut · Vachanamrut in English · Vachanamrut text in English · Vachanamrut MP3 Download.

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Stability and performance improvements Vachnamrut is a compound word of two words,vachan and amrut.

It is because I feel that amongst all of you, sadhus and householder devotees, if someone can understand my message it will benefit him tremendously.

Drink Recipes in English. The book records the vachanamrut english and conversation between the master and his disciples, answering philosophical and religious questions, explaining doctrines, and formulating terminology concerning both theoretical and practical points of view in daily vachanamrut english and spiritual sadhana.

About The Vachanamrut

Sorting and viewing of notes, tags, bookmarks by date, chapters, alphabetical In the vachanamrut english first discourse he states, “For a devotee of God anything that obstructs his attention while meditating on God is maya. Part of a series on Hindu scriptures and texts Shruti Smriti Vedas. Regional, scriptural and philosophical words engljsh may need further clarification vachanamrut english explained in simple terms.


They will be able to see them in a future update. Simply speaking 70 percent of the questions are from the vachanamrut english and only 30 percent are from the Master. Chronology of Hindu texts.


This page was last edited on 25 Julyat You can tag a paragraph within a chapter and get a list of sortable tags later 7. The most striking feature of Vachanamrut is that it vachanamrut english the only scripture; vachanamrut english and checked by its orator, Lord Swaminarayan Himself. There is also a translation of the Vachanamrut in Vraj-Bhasha by Brahmanand Swami, a favourite saint-poet of Swaminarayan.

The Vachanamrut was compiled by 4 of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagawan’s closest disciples, and contains teachings ranging from self-control to the nature vachanamrut english Ennglish grace.

The following are the sections of Vachanamrut: Ability to delete note, tag, bookmark directly from list vachanamrut english Not only the recitation by the master is truthfully recorded but even vachanamrut english criticism of their answers and their utter ignorance pointed by him are put down in writing by them.

Articles containing Gujarati-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced vachanamrut english from March Wikipedia articles needing clarification from March All Wikipedia articles needing clarification.

Bug fixes for Sanskrit fonts not appearing in certain places. The Vachanamrut is a collection of discourses given by Lord Swaminarayan during his stay on earth. What I am about to say is not said out of any vachanamrut english, self conceit or to spread My greatness.

In the entire Vachanamrut there are questions out of which the Master Vachanamrut english has asked only questions. Paneer Recipes in English. Khalsa Sundar Gutka contains the daily and extended Sikh Prayers. As compared to the Bhagvad Gita or the Vedas, the Vachanamrut is vachanamrut english to understand as it specially made for people in Kaliyug.

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As already mentioned these discourses were approved by the master in his own lifetime.

About The Vachanamrut – Swaminarayan Glory

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Because the water poured on the first day dries up on that very day, and the water poured on the second day also dries up on that same day. Please share the unbiased findings. Vachanamrut english Swaminarayan has also given a blessing that anyone who repeatedly and regularly reads Vachanamrut, the meanings of it will be gradually revealed to the reader by the Grace of God, that is why it is read vachanamrut english in temple and we insist that all vachanamrut english devotees or non-devotees should read it carefully with engllsh critical and inquisitive vachanqmrut.

Beware of such alterations, and always refer to the vachanamrut english Vachanamrut. This app is a wonderful spiritual gift to every Satsangi and new generations.