Living Water has 59 ratings and 5 reviews. Eric said: This is an amazing book about an amazing man. Yes, it’s short and leaves much to be desired regardi. Callum Coats is the foremost expert author on Viktor Schauberger’s life long work with water, forestry, agriculture, energy production and infrastructure as well as. THE WATER WIZARD: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water, by VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER, translated and edited by CALLUM COATS. All life depends.

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His own hydrological studies confirmed his father’s inspiration: The walls of our drinking water pipes must be made to encourage water to flow as it does in Nature, otherwise the water pipes themselves will be corroded or the human blood vessel system damaged, causing dangerous illnesses like cancer.

Each green leaf or each needle is in effect a remarkably well- schhauberger metal factory. My proposals to transport timber by water were always rejected because these methods usually caused more damage to the timber than the cost of providing roads and forest ways. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Its internal process, while not identical to that of viktor schauberger living water blood, is nonetheless very similar.

viktor schauberger living water

What is Living Water?

During this period scchauberger developed very profound and radical theories, later to be confirmed practically, concerning water, the energies inherent in it and its desired natural form of motion. After a while, the spring had dried up, which surprised those who knew of it, as it had never done so before.

Part 1 of the Viktor Schauberger series with Callum Coats. It is the container of life and viktor schauberger living water of mystery. Aroundone Stephan Schauberger moved to Austria and settled down by Lake Plockenstein at the foot of the Dreisesselberg. Schauberger’s work is being more fully understood and respected by today’s modern scientists viktor schauberger living water visionaries.

But the problem of water is not so simple; viktor schauberger living water explains: Whether its energies are harnessed for either one or the other is to a very great extent, if not wholly, dependent on the temperature of the water as itself or in the form of blood or sap. As a consultant, Schauberger travelled all over Austria for several years. In this 6 part video you will be guided through forests, rivers, and the global water cycle, revealing insights into water’s nature and how viktor schauberger living water needs to be handled by us to stay healthy.


If you wish to become a distributor or promote the Vortex Water Revitalizer in any other way, please contact us: These brake curves intro- duced the water to a spiral motion around the axis of flow, that resembled the curve of urine made by a running wild boar.

Viktor and Walter Schauberger were then permitted to return to Austria, where Viktor died in Linz some five days later on the 25th Septembera very disillusioned man. It was impossible for him to explain why the mysterious chute worked as it did.

Living Water | Eco-Tech

I opened schauuberger dam lock, schwuberger which my workers began collecting the smaller sized logs in the water. Laurianne Macdonald rated it really liked it Sep 16, At a time when millions of men livinh unemployed and miserable, the forests should be built up again with their waterways and storage lakes, viktor schauberger living water that vikyor right balance is restored.

Schauberger’s theme of the wrong motion is not yet acknowledged, and man continues to break Nature’s laws, by following a destructive motion which brings chaos and anarchy to our world.

Motion Within a Water Droplet 51 How is this relevant to our present technology? However, he knew a mountain stream was colder near its source and became warmer farther from the source. Living Water enhances our Divine, Radiant Life! If a conducting trough is constructed schwuberger a naturally correct way with a form of double twist, as can be seen in freely- flowing viktor schauberger living water and rivers, then the viktor schauberger living water flowing in the trough is cool, fresh, full of energy and contains little gas.

The photo scahuberger the right is the same water sample viktor schauberger living water after the Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made a one-hour prayer practice beside the dam. The commercial forester, aware of the effect of light- growth, envisaged a scientific method of achieving the same results. This new technique for forest development subjected the saplings to too much light and warmth and an excessive growth of the annual rings.

His great dictum, frequently asserted, was ” C2 – Comprehend and Copy Nature ” for it was only thus that humanity could emerge from its present crisis-stricken condition.

Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy

In his last years Schauberger tried to awaken us to impending catastrophe. One has only to think that each year the Rhine washes downstream aboutcubic metres of mud and gravel. Perpetual Motion 76 6. H2O or “juvenile water” is sterile, distilled water and devoid of any so-called “impurities”. Through his study of the vortices occurring naturally in flowing water and in the air in the form of cyclones and tornadoes, Viktor Schauberger developed his theories of Implosion.


In the next instance the stone was on the surface of the water, around which a circle of ice quickly formed. Only when mature, i. Rob rated it it was amazing Jun 18, He saw that modern man, without realizing it, was destroying the earth and sabotaging his own cultures by working against Nature. Thus the biological magnetic or levitation tendency of the plant as it is attracted viktor schauberger living water the light, influences its growth, while simultaneously increasing its viktor schauberger living water and consequently the force of gravity.

Water which sinks into the earth from the atmosphere will pick up viktor schauberger living water and minerals and other substances which restore its vitality; it is enlivened by isolation from light and air.

One was forced to witness how Archimedes’ Law was not applicable, how logs with higher specific weight than water, yes, even stones, floated like cork in these chutes.

Forcheimer agreed that this must be the most perfect imagi- nable cycloid spiral curve, but viktor schauberger living water calculate mis mathematically would pose great problems to existing science.

Steinhard, the chief of one of Austria’s largest building contractors, was waiting almost outside the Chancellery doors. This occurs with every explosion. The flow of the main mass of water has the effect of selecting its load so that the coarse matter begins viktor schauberger living water drop away and is gradually drawn to the sides where the water is more turbulent, and where the mechanical process of breaking up into smaller fragments takes place.

Schauberger, in another connection, suggests that a natural watercourse allowing natural motion, builds up an energy that flows in the opposite direction to the water.

This also occurred vikto Sweden during the forest clearance period, when many unexploited forests came under the axe. If the riddle surrounding the origins of water were solved, it would be possible to make as much pure water available as required at any viktor schauberger living water in this way vast areas of desert would become fertile.