Walking with a Himalayan Master has 47 ratings and 6 reviews. and Living With the Himalayan Masters, I wholeheartedly recommend anybody interested in . Living with the Himalayan Masters. ; f Swami Rama Contents Introduction by Pandit With only a blanket, a walking stick, and wooden sandals, he traveled all. A skeptical American scholar reluctantly meets a great Himalayan master and a new yoga masters and also shows that authentic discipleship is possible in the West. “In Walking with a Himalayan Master Dr. Justin O’Brien exhibits the real.

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Want to Read saving…. Taught me how we should live.

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No one is allowed to read them except the head of the monastery. She said her mission in life was to search for snowmen. This is the highest of all joys, and an essential step in the path of enlightenment.

Numerous witnesses were called to testify for both sides of the case. He was very stingy and miserly and never allowed anyone to pick up apples off the ground like the other orchard owners did. When such a yogi speaks with other adepts, then they converse in this language, which is hard for others to understand. A tender mind can be bent easily. Then she put water in a big vessel and put it on the fire to boil.

I am reaping the fruit of my own deeds. I have to examine truth for two more months no matter what happens. Thereupon begins communication without action or speech. When I regained consciousness my master was standing in front of me. Why do you ask me to see them?

Our mother is our first teacher, then our father, and then our brothers and sisters. The myth of Shangrila is based on the existence of two ancient cave monasteries hidden in the Himalayas. The education which is imparted in childhood is more important than the education which is received in colleges and universities.


The followers of Taoism and 12 Confucianism adore the Himalayas and hkmalayan Himalayan teachers, for they have received much wisdom from those who traveled and lived in these mountains. From the Punjab Himalayas to the Kumayun and Garhwal Himalayas, himallayan Nepal to Assam, and from Si kk im to Bhutan and Tibet, I traveled to those forbidden places which are virtually inaccessible to tourists. I started looking at it and my mind entered into a dialogue with this beautiful snow lotus.

In addition to his intense spiritual training, Swami Rama received higher education in both India and Europe. All his teachings through his actions, speech, and silence were full of divine love.

Swami Rama – Wikipedia

This weakness is significant in creating obstacles. One day during this time my master came and stood before me while I was sitting with my eyes closed. There were many apple orchards in that area owned by the rich people of Nanital; one day we left our place to live near a small creek which flowed through an orchard.

The doctor started giving him cobra venom injections in very small dosages. One of his significant achievements is the establishment of a large medical facility in the northern part of India Dehradun to serve millions of poor people in the nearby mountains. He reported that he was born to a brahmin family of West Bengal.

Its milk is white and is very good for your health. On our way back to the cave we came upon a big, dry trunk of a tree.

They are never lonely. The Himalayas remain replete with mysteries for poets, artists, musicians, and travelers, but they reveal their most important message only to those who are prepared. When we learn to know our real self we do not depend on externals. These mountains were my playgrounds. Once when I was fourteen years old, an unknown sage blessed me and gave me a leaf of bhoja patra, the paper made of bark on which the ancient scriptures were written.


Residential Program

Modern Hindu writers to date. The mountain drummers are excellent, and bamboo flutes and jaw harps are used by the shepherds and schoolchildren. Help us in unveiling so that we can see the truth. The tree trunk has no power to hold you.

We would fetch water from a distance of three to four miles. With his loving touch I became an integral part of that garden which the sages cultivate. Then they started hitting me very hard with their sticks.

These are not the footprints of snowmen or yetis, but of delusion. Many foreigners have gone to thf mountains in search of Shangrila, but Shangrila does not exist in reality.

Even modern poets of Hindi and Urdu like Prasad and Ickbal could not resist hikalayan poems on the Himalayan beauty. Going where few have ventured, we resonate with theologian and philosopher Justin O’Brien as he zig-zags through a personal quest for the ultimate.

After the fifteenth of September it starts snowing in the Himalayas, but I continued my long walks to the nearby mountaintops, singing the hymns of the Divine Mother. By then I had counted to nine hundred sixty-three. We project our weaknesses and think that the objects of the world are the source of our obstacles.

The student is always loved by his teacher. I never missed him because I was given more by my master than a father can ever give to a child. When any wandering sadhu [renunciate], yogi, or sage comes by, the villagers freely offer awlking food they have.

First give him water and then wash his feet. My master went inside the hut to rest. Determination is hijalayan power that sees us through all frustrations and obstacles.